We Must Defend Against the Infiltration of the Globalists and Their Paid-Off Minions

We Must Defend Against the Infiltration of the Globalists and Their Paid-Off Minions

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

It’s in Queensland law.

They can’t discriminate.

Ignore any Pfizer sales team rules created to boost their sales via the Queensland Health Department.

Dodgy directives and mandates aren’t law.
Ignore them and go ahead living your life.
It’s our State, Our Country, not corrupted politicians and Billionaire Globalists kiddie fiddlers.
Stop following orders.
Start setting the orders. As individuals, we must collectively dictate the terms of our lives.
We do not and must not adhere to corrupted guidelines.
In fact you have a duty to oppose and warn others.

Our country is under attack, and we must defend against the infiltration of the Globalists and their paid off minions. To win this war is simple.
Say no and tell them to go f… themselves, and please bring it on

Australian National Review

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Here’s what others had to say:

Julie Walker
The hospitals get extra funding for cv 19 patients so the more pinned the more long term need hospital it’s about MONEY HONEY

Liz Lewis
The tyrants know they are braking the law and they know they can if the unthinking don’t realize.

Nat Ireland
Would they skirt around this though by using the state of emergency clause?

Zak Aleksandar
Guess this would also be the same for all other Australian states?

Meegan Pearson
I live in tweed. My future daughter in law wants me to go to Brisbane in January wedding dress shopping. How do I manage that unvaxinated?

Myke Hunt
It’s not an effective law if the majority ignore it.
Don’t worry, amendments to delete this will happen soon.

Jacqui Mackinnon
Foccccc The Palaszuzck fraud corruption the covid war criminals violating the Nuremberg Code of human rights.

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