Well Said Gina Rinehart. Australia Still Has a Few Billionaires With Heart and Soul, Who Love Our Country

Well Said Gina Rinehart. Australia Still Has a Few Billionaires With Heart and Soul, Who Love Our Country

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Well-said Gina Rinehart.
Australia still has a few billionaires with heart and soul, who love our country.
Not like sell out Billionaires, like Twiggy Forrester after a quick buck, supporting the BS 19 fraudsters.
Anyone taking the jab is selling not only their own future down the drain, but their family, friends, community and entire nation.
Don’t be a loser.
It takes no courage to give into peer pressure and bullying.
Have a spine, and simply say no, or live a life of regret.
It’s a simple decision. Choose to live, or give in and die.

Australian National Review

News not paid to sell you a lie or conspiracy theory that we have a BS 19 pandemic – what pandemic – an imaginary one that exists only on the idiot box ?

$1 million for anyone to one’s family that can die of BS 19 or ever has.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Shannon Dickson
Shouldn’t that say Executive Chairwoman

Matt Dixon
Helps when ya have the money to fight it.

Arron Douglas
Good stuff. Shared. Thanks Jamie.

Rebecca Jade
Don’t promote her, she is still part of tyranny in Australia

Darren Flannery
Mate, moved to Qld from vic. Getting fucking smashed here in my gig as a safety advisor for a national brand. Wanting to know my vax status etc. I’m 4 weeks away from dropping the hammer on these f**ks. Need my six months up, so they can’t fire. Me for no cause. You would not believe the rhetoric / bullshit that l have had to deal with on national calls. Can’t f**king wait.

John Harris
Forrest is over in Glasgow right now at that climate crisis scam meeting because he knows he is set to make billions out of this lie, I can’t stand him.

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