What Do You Think of the New NSW Premier?

What Do You Think of the New NSW Premier?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

What do you think of the new NSW Premier? And why, and who is the signalling with his bizzare and creepy satanic symbolism, in his posts? Not just one post on his Instagram stories, that could be inadvertent, but a continued pattern of posts. Which for those who know about “Frazzle drip and what “Pizza“ means, yet claims to be a Christian, then why is he deliberately posting so many satanic images with not-so-secret meanings? Do we have another selected, not elected puppet, placed by the Globalists? or does he have an innocent explanation? Let me know your thoughts, but this isn’t what I would expect a Political leader to be posting unless of course, they are signalling to his new puppet masters, as they are required to do.


Here’s what others had to say:

Tracey Lucas
Oh my god that’s creepy. Wilson played by Tom Hanks, need I say more. Pizza gate. Those poor children!

Debbie Thorpe
His father works for World Bank… game over!
Gladys would have been told to resign and let him take over the reigns to get to NWO.

Katie Curcio
Oh wow. How many more outright satanic symbols could be on this post

Terry Dolling
That ball and image has been posted before by key pedo demons .. I normally would have overlooked the pizza / kids image but the combination of the frazzeldip image indicates this is no coincidence.

Alissa Lawson
I believe he is doing this for a real good reason . He was put there by the white hats. Be patient he has a game to play. He is on our side.

Anika Stojkovski
Feet on dining table. We weren’t allowed to do that. Wouldn’t have wanted to.

Original Source: https://www.facebook.com/100001092086344/posts/4516752895037735/

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