When Will COVID End?

When Will COVID End?

By Australian National Review 

It’s funny how those that call “people conspiracy theorists”, are the ones that sit down for their daily dose of conspiracy theories. They turn on the id**t box, designed for id**s, for the 6 pm daily news from conspiracy theory channels, such as CNN, BBC, ABC, Channel 7, 9, 10, and so on.

Well here is yet another so-called conspiracy theory that’s no longer a theory.

Digital Vaccine Passports (that would never happen)

It seems

The more that get vaccinated the dumber society becomes – or is it half of society already was pretty dumb to get vaccinated.

Vaccines are for people who watch the id**t box and believe in the conspiracy that “Covid is a deadly pandemic” yet ask for no evidence or ask no questions- $1 million Challenge that Covid is a falsified pandemic- had that public now for over a year – still no takers – still plenty of dumb sheep though.


Here’s what others had to say:

Patrizia Smarrelli
Yep, Like our stupid green pass! My god, cannot believe people think this is good idea.

Jess Bray
With everything aside,
If booster shots are needed (we know they will be) and passports come into fruition…
Where will that leave all the pro passport people when they need the booster to access everything and there is a lag in supply, or someone says they can’t have it because others need it before hand or the governement brings in a system for who can get it based on merit. Do they think they will get a free pass?

Cheryle Lupa
The funniest thing are all those thousands of people who left Victoria and moved to NSW and QLD to avoid the tyranny… well the facts are (or conspiracy theories) it’s coming to every state…..

Horton Cribb
Lets start spreading our own, everyone who sees this comment add Me as a friend. We stand taller in numbers. Lets beat them. At their own game. Everyone on Jamie McIntyre list add me, then let’s branch out from there. Makes sense? Then everyone add each other, our master will be Jamie but let’s all add each other as if to say we are infected with saving our country. We all have individual statuses and with support we all start to turn the tide. How is this not the best possible solution to numbers in support I have no idea. Love ur work Jamie McIntyre ur a legend.

Original Source: https://australiannationalreview.com/global-issues/when-will-covid-end/

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