Who Can Feel More Lockdowns Coming On?

Who Can Feel More Lockdowns Coming On?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Just can’t wait for it.

Please invent some more cases of healthy people, being so not sick, to lock us down again.

Lockdowns are done for one thing – to remove your freedoms, so you will do anything to have back what the abuses took, – even become so desperate and mentally weakened, some would trial deadly experimental drugs, from total strangers, from a criminal medical cartel with a history of criminal actions, that offer zero benefits, other than some, foolishly believe their abuser will give back, which wasn’t theirs to take in the first place – and kid themselves the abusive liars, will suddenly start keeping their word and not deliberately continue with bs promises.

Each lockdown, many politicians are Bank large bonus’s

Australian National Review


News that will not stop the Covid fraudsters is jailed.

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Clinton Rodgers

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