Who Do You Think Will Be the Last People in Society To Figure Out Cov 19 Is a Fraud and the Vaxxines Are Deadly?

Who Do You Think Will Be the Last People in Society To Figure Out Cov 19 Is a Fraud and the Vaxxines Are Deadly?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Who do you think will be the last people in society to figure out Covid is a fraud and the vaccines are deadly ?

Probably the ones that think everyone else is a conspiracy theorist, yet they take their daily dose of conspiracy theories from the conspiracy theory channels such as CNN, BBC, ABC and Channel 7,9,10 pushing the theory we have a Global Pandemic based an on unidentified flu, that’s not very deadly and we all must accept Global Communism and take experimental drugs including young kids with the side effect of death to survive

My grandma used to just heat up some soup for a “Flu”.

Mmmm something to think about.

Australian National Review

Here’s what others had to say:

Earl Blennerhassett
The last people to figure it out? The injected.

Dolly Molly
All the Premier in Australia, the Prime Minister Scott Morrisson and all the people enforcing the terrible road-map stepping on our Human Rights (Mp’s, school principals, nurses injecting the experimental “vaccine”, DHHS and TGA employees, Police officers, ADF) need urgently to wake up to fight with us for the Release of the life savior drug Ivermectin instead of letting the controversial Remdesivir drug used in Hospitals to treat Covid patients since the 10th of July 2020!!!!
When you will find out what are the preliminary clinical data used to give this provisional approval for Remdesivir, many people will bust in tears….Remdesivir is inducing kidney failures drawning patients in the water accumulated in their lungs who are dying from Remdesivir and not the virus. Many frontline workers in USA have tried to warn the World about this fact.Remdesivir is the equivalent of Rivotril given in France to get rid of our elders during this pandemic, it is also the equivalent of Medazolam given in UK…..Remdesivir was used during Ebola pandemic in Africa and has killed many patients.

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