Who Else That Was in Canberra Protest Rally Is Suffering As Well, As I’ve Heard Many Are From the Deployment of the Sonic Weapon the Police Have Had To Admit to the Senate, Was Deployed

Who Else That Was in Canberra Protest Rally Is Suffering As Well, As I’ve Heard Many Are From the Deployment of the Sonic Weapon the Police Have Had To Admit to the Senate, Was Deployed

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre

I had sunburn from the Canberra Protest rally last Saturday, despite not being in the sun for very long, and now blistering sunburnt lips. Who else that was there is suffering as well, as I’ve heard many are from the deployment of the Sonic weapon the Police have had to admit to the Senate, was deployed. I see a class action coming, and for Australians to see that we are being targeted, and attacked by our own Government. Innocent peaceful protesters. I know some who are severely sick, and we were on stage most of the time. Those who were closer to Parliament House where the machine was deployed, must be suffering badly. This is appealing to deploy deadly weapons upon peaceful Australians attending a peaceful rally. Prime Minister, please explain. Please send photos and stories to www.anrnews.com or post here.

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Chris Appleton

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Tim Davis 

I applaud your action in standing up and commiserate with all those that have maliciously attacked.

christopher Free

Hi Jamie, On Saturday the 12 of Feb around 930am we were marching our way to parliament house in the stage with the rest of the brave Aussies. When we got there we headed down the front and to the right-hand side of the stage sitting under the trees. After listening to half a dozen speeches we decided to head up to the backstage. It was there that my wife and i started feeling nauseas and i started getting and ear ache in both ears. My wife had the same ear ache and a head ache. We then proceeded to leave as we couldn’t stay there anymore. Looking up the temp for that day it was only 24 deg. Whatever it was we had to get out of there. It has taken a few day for these symptoms to ease for my wife but I still have symptoms and it now Thursday. Hoping to get to the march on the Saturday 19th Feb. These Bastards were trying to cook us slowly i have a Friend who sent most of the rally up at the back stage. she has 3rd degree burns on her lips i will get her to tell her storey on he as well.
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Use fresh Aloe Vera leaves on your skin. Lugols iodine and selenium for radiation. Bastards.

How dumb or horrible are these mug police why do so many of them not seem to realise what they are doing. paid thugs a lot of them and dumb
Tracy Compton 
Oh boy I hope you are going to be okay,

Deb Evison

My lips have been destroyed by sunburn. I was there on Saturday and spent most of the time in the shade with my three year old.


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Bob Sacamano
Utter nonsense.

Jason Webster 

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Jason Webster

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glen birnie 

Check the law of war manual.


If you have symptoms from the LRAD, let Senator Roberts know as he continues to investigate the actions of the AFP


For anyone who has been sick since attending the rally on Sat 12 Feb. Many have

If you want to help find out more about what if any weapons were used on the crowd, pls email Senator.roberts@aph.gov.au about your physical experience of illness, including if you went to the doctor and that their findings were (only if you want).

Please feel welcome to provide YOUR data, observations, recordings that prove cause-and-effect about YOU and that could be used as evidence on a court. This must be personal first hand knowledge.

We need hard facts and not opinions or hearsay or guesses or feelings.

Please do not email with unsupported opinions or hunches or guesses.

Please be disciplined with hard facts only. Pls share this invite to anyone else you know has been sick since Saturday.


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