Who Is Running Australia?

Who Is Running Australia?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Who is running Australia?
Pfizer or AstraZeneca?

Patients were rarely dying of Bs 19, but of deliberate medical malpractice, to fool the gullible to get them to take a quackzinne, that’s now killing them, but blamed on Bs19. How can so many, not see such a blatant scam that it is?


Here’s what others had to say:

Suzy Marriott
Kids can’t go to school but hey.. let’s have 10k at the melb cup.. what a fkn joke!

Rizzy Rayman
Much Respect for speaking the truth

Roy Massee
Jamie how about our army do a wake up letter box drop by us in every suburb by us all around aus with a document that u standise for us with facts links etc.

Maryanne Hatz
If it was a Pandemic, ppl wouldn’t leave their homes!

Rae Harris
Dan and Sutton need to go. Further traumatizing our kids with bullshit mandates. ScoMo is useless. Dan is running this country. Sutton isn’t even qualified.

Rae Harris
Yet testing sites where some people supposedly testing positive, aren’t classed as exposure sites.

Jen Eve
Been doing it for nearly 2 years…im standing in my truth too.

Donna Citizen
Fight the good fight , dont be afraid to die , none of us are getting off of this planet alive. This fight is about Quality of life while we are here , and for the generations to come.

Michael Loustos
Why judges mP police Gp not mandatory

Houda Ghabach
Kmart has advised that only vaxxed can enter their stores. RSL Club Diggers Granville NSW has also advised only vaxxed can enter.

Original Source: https://www.facebook.com/jamie.mcintyre.33671/videos/1900761390095355/

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