Will Things Go Back to Normal Once Enough Are Vaxinated?

Will Things Go Back to Normal Once Enough Are Vaxinated?

By Australian National Review (ANR)

The good news is
You aren’t going to die of Covid.
What’s the bad news
You will die of the Covid vaccine
And have to live under Global Communism until you die
How long until you die ?
3 years life expectancy
How many dead already from the vaccine
Approximately 500,000 ( they are reporting less then 10% of actual deaths and injuries , as little as 1% . The figure could be much higher.
And injured.
Close to 50 Million already and half seriously injured for life. At 43 million per day being poisoned by the jab, you can quickly do your own assessments.
And growing at close to 500,000 injuries plus per day( half serious injuries for life )
How many dying of Covid
No evidence provided of anyone dying of Covid other then standard typical flu deaths –
The 4 million claimed has been de bunked for sometime – only 6% or less could be attributed to Covid
Injured –
Mmm 90% of cases have no symptoms , as they aren’t sick
10% have flu symptoms – ( can’t imagine why )
Is Covid a fraud ?
If you’re intelligent you’d already know that answer
Why is this happening?
That’s a longer conversation – see Australian National Review www.anrnews.com
Global Health Organisation www.gho.report
What can be done ?
Nothing if you keep watching fake mainstream media conspiracy theories and their tin foil hat wearing tv presenters and fake Journos and lying politicians
Is everything going to be ok ?
Will things go back to normal once enough are vaccinated –
No – everything will turn into the biggest humanitarian disaster ever witnessed all because of the rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective and dangerous and deadly Global Medical Experiment deliberately pushed
Will western civilisation fail
It already has if you bothered to notice.
What can be done?
Get educated and join the resistance or join the vaccine death cult herd
Your choice
How long do we have ?
Time is almost up
Permanent lockdowns are starting
The Military will be on the street before you know it in Australia and Globally
You’ll be vaccinated and die unless you rise up
Can I go back to watching my favourite sport now
By all means – it makes it easier for the Globalists to take over the world if your not paying attention and to kill your grandparents before coming after your children
Join the resistance now before it’s to late.

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