60% of Serious Cov Patients Are Fully Vaxinated: Israel

60% of Serious Cov Patients Are Fully Vaxinated: Israel

By Lift the Veil

Here’s what others had to say: 

Wanders Gion
It’s pretty obvious by now that the vaccine rollout was not for our protection.

Rob Wigglezz
And any one who dismisses this is anti-Semitic because it’s from Israel.

Our local nursing homes have a spike in cases and all have been fully xxed. South Central Ind.

Omg! Good luck! You obviously are telling the truth or panties would not be in such a bunch! Just say like allegedly or something I don’t want your channel to go! You are one what I call The Eye Openers! We need your content brother!God speed!!

Meh NZ
Brett Weinstein already stated that ‘they’ have changed the testing criteria for vx vs un-vx, which will result in higher un-vx numbers testing positive and next to no vx people testing positive.

Peter Rouse
US counted numbers when vaccine was not even available. They have taken the number from the start of this scam beginning of 2020.

Lore Selzer
I’m putting this on my Facebook. Let’s see how long it stays up . Just yesterday Jen admitted they tell Facebook to keep these facts from the public. In other words,I expect the their fact checkers to block this out. Which means they won’t check with the sources in Israel and the UK. They will just censor it!

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HzqoTGO1aU

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