A Brave NHS GP Speaking Out Against Vaxxine Mandates

A Brave NHS GP Speaking Out Against Vaxxine Mandates

By Togetherdec

A brave NHS GP Speaking out against Vaccine Mandates Thank you

How can the NHS and the government possibly justify this policy? Why is natural immunity never even mentioned? It is unacceptable.


Here’s what others had to say:

I am a staff nurse and am exactly in the same wave length. I am too facing very sadly the end of my career for the same reasons as this GP.

Isabel Oakeshott
In his weird New Year message telling people to make it their new year resolution. What a terrible health message. Sadly there’s no vaccine against stupidity.

Denise Welch
The suspension of visiting in hospitals is dangerous to the patients. Their mental health suffers massively which impacts their immune system. Also in busy hospitals important things like dehydration is picked up by their loved ones. After a yr spent looking after dad I know!!

Dan Wootton
2021 will not go down as a good year in recent history.
Fear replaced facts.
Trust in the political, media and scientific establishment hit rock bottom for damn good reason.
BUT the fight back began – and real change is coming.
Thank you for helping get me through the dark days.

Original Source: https://twitter.com/Togetherdec/status/1475916380558008322?t=2Y4w8CJDK9vZFJcpJ5hseg&s=09

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