Adelaide Business Bans Cov Vaxxinated Customers Sparking Fierce Debate

Adelaide Business Bans Cov Vaxxinated Customers Sparking Fierce Debate

By 7NEWS Australia

You’ve heard of ‘no jab, no entry’ – now, one Kent Town business is going the other way and locking out customers who have been vaccinated.

Here’s what others had to say:

Vivi Z
The woman interviewed has no idea that the sign shows her exactly what other stores are doing to the unvxed. She seems so entitled.

Lucas M
They explicitly called it discrimination. Nice to hear they agree!

Adis K
10 days ago
If you can ban unvaxxed, then you can also ban vaxxed. Perfectly logical. We don’t want to mix the two groups, do we?

kim tarrant
Perfect, I hope that someone puts together a book with all businesses that follow this trend.

Frogsnidget _73
But how would you even prove this when walking through the doors? Like “here’s my not vaccinated confirmation”?

john Charlie
The owner of this shop is pointing out the absolute ludicrous situation, not very nice when tables are turned.

Scott V
Based on the people interviewed, no-one is particularly upset by his actions. I’m not seeing any “fierce debate”. Sounds like a simple publicity stunt to me.

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