As the ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Predicted, the Two-Tiered ‘Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed’ Society Is Coming to WA


As the ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Predicted, the Two-Tiered ‘Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed’ Society Is Coming to WA

By Mark’s Real Talk and Discussion WA

As the ‘conspiracy theorists’ predicted, the two-tiered ‘vaxxed vs unvaxxed’ society is coming to WA.

Don’t forget double-jabbers, you MUST take that THIRD shot …or you will be classed as ‘unvaxxed’

Of course, the obvious question is WHY (with the state ‘supposedly’ at 90% vaccination at that time) is there the need to ostracise the remaining 10%, if the vaccines are highly effective?

Don’t you just love the government’s ‘non-mandatory that is actually mandatory’ policy?

Here’s what others had to say:

Catherine Leddin
What a load of rot and propaganda

Thomas James Bavin
It will be all the vaccinated filling up the hospitals like it is in UK because the unvaccinated aren’t allowed to work or go to certain venues. It’s not that hard to figure that out.
Adolf McClown has neglected the hospitals and they aren’t ready for this. People are quick to say Barnett wasted money but McClown has done the same thing with metro debt. There should be enquiries into his treasurey department.
The new hospital that Waa meant to be built in Tom Price, the contracting company went bust. All that is sitting there is a fenced off area with barley any foundation work done.

Angela Jones
No shame, clearly forgotten that we are all human.

Alexandra Spargo
So what’s going to happen? All the evidence yet it’s still going on!

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