Australia Has Turned Into a Dystopian Police State

Australia Has Turned Into a Dystopian Police State

By Australian National Review

Australia is lost. It’s no longer a liberal democracy with government accountability. It’s a surveillance state with unlimited police powers and eradicated civil rights.

This is how Australia, once a much appraised liberal democracy, descended into a full-blown police state.

Australian intelligence is one of the most powerful entities in the world. Yet it has the least amount of oversight out of all democratic nations. The law doesn’t grant Australian public the right to know about any intelligence operation, current or past ones.

Disclosing information about operations is done solely at the discretion of Australian intelligence. Any unauthorized disclosure from public servants or intelligence officers, can lead to 10 years of imprisonment.

No Edward Snowden or Julian Assange could ever come out of Australia, because even reporting journalists would be charged with the same crimes as whistleblowers. All attempts to limit intelligence powers have been quickly shut down before they could even reach parliamentary hearings. During the two years of the pandemic, Australian government expanded its powers to the point it rivals those behind the Great Firewall of China.

In 2014, Australian parliament passed an amendment to the National Security Legislation with a new wording that allows ASIO to obtain a single warrant to wiretap the entire Internet.

The amendment intentionally defines a computer such that it includes all computers operating in a network of a target. Any target person using the Internet is using a network of comput..

Here’s what others had to say:

australia turned into hell

People’s Republic of Australia…

The delta variant is not a thing, Corona is over everyone can stop pretending now, and if you don’t you are simply insane.

there is no virus, there are no such thing as viruses. No virus “decimated” any country, ever, in the history of the world. Stop being a big pHARMa shill.

The Ausies were too based. They had to be subdued..

You have been put in a straight jacket and strapped to a table. Now you are being warned that they are coming to kill you.

During the cold war it took 10 KGB agents to track one person. Today, people pay to be surveilled 24/7.

First, they gave up their guns. Most of you don’t understand the impact. Even though it is happening infront of your eyes. Just like when they gave jews free train rides. Now YOU are the jews.

They have decided the earth can only support 1 billion people. You are not one of those people.

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