Australia: Law Firm Takes On Cov Tyrants, Fighting To End Vaxxine Mandates

Australia: Law Firm Takes On Cov Tyrants, Fighting To End Vaxxine Mandates

By Australian National Review

National File previously reported that the Australian Supreme Court in New South Wales is hearing various cases against mandatory vaccinations as the Australian people face some of the most dystopian and authoritarian coronavirus pandemic measures the world has ever seen.

One Australian law firm known as G&B Lawyers is leading the charge for medical freedom.

National File previously reported that the NSW Supreme Court in Australia is currently facing several lawsuits aimed at ending the enforcement of mandatory vaccinations across the land.

As was reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, “More than 50,000 people have watched a Sydney court’s live stream of cases challenging the legality of mandated COVID vaccinations for NSW workers. Three of the four civil cases are against Health Minister Brad Hazzard and raise varying legal approaches, including constitutional arguments.”

Nathan Buckley, the promoter of the “No jab, no job, no COVID-19 vaccination, NO WAY” campaign, is a lawyer and Partner of G&B Lawyers – a Sydney city based law firm that believes in the protection of fundamental freedoms for Australians and is gearing up to challenge the vaccine mandates at the High Court.

“Enough is enough. It’s time to tell the Government NO WAY to the no jab no job laws that have been introduced. If you have been fired from your job for not having a flu shot, or refused entry into an aged care facility for not providing proof that you have had a flu shot, then this fundraiser is there to protect your civil rights,” reads a statement on the G&B Lawyers website.

The anti-vaccine mandate fundraiser has risen over $400,000 as citizens across the country seek to restore their medical freedoms. “Our goal is to have these draconian laws thrown out, so we can all return to some level of normality,” Mr. Buckley told National File.

“The contributions that people put forward will support your fellow Australians who choose not to have a flu vaccination or COVID-19 vaccination, to gain justice, help those Australians to get on with their lives and return to normal as quickly as possible. It will protect all Australians’ fundamental right to choose whether or not to have a flu vaccination or COVID-19 vaccination. Like all Australians, I will forever be grateful to all contributors who free Australia from the draconian and unlawful laws that have already been introduced by State and Commonwealth Governments in recent months.”

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