Austrians at ‘Epicenter’ of Battle for Medical Freedom, Democracy


Austrians at ‘Epicenter’ of Battle for Medical Freedom, Democracy

By David Marks

In separate interviews with The Defender, three individuals close to the developing authoritarian crisis in Austria said the country is on the front lines of an ongoing dangerous medical experiment, testing the limits of social acquiescence and conformity in response to authority.

The Defender interviewed Dr. Michael Brunner, attorney and chairman of Austria’s new political party (the MFG), Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, an Austrian physician and activist, and Monica Frohmann, who practices cranio-sacral therapy in Austria.

All three shared their experiences during the COVID pandemic, weighing in on everything from lockdowns to vaccine mandates to how they see Austria as a test case for global authoritarianism and the Great Reset.

Before exploring their insights, it’s useful to understand the role COVID has played in current events in Austria.

Epicenter of change

Austria is the first country in the world to propose compulsory vaccination by law.

The government’s new mandates are likely to be approved by the legislature in January and are set to take effect in February 2022. As the law is currently written, the mandates will expire in January 2024.

Those who don’t comply with vaccination and booster shot requirements will be required to pay quarterly fines, with the exception of pregnant women and children under 14, who will not be required to get the vaccine.

In a nation of 9 million people claiming two-thirds of the population is vaccinated, the law will potentially ostracize and penalize at least a third of Austria’s citizens.

The number of those fined could dramatically increase as people refuse additional boosters.

With this new legislation on the horizon, those promoting Austria’s vaccine campaign have been accused of an assault on democracy. The government appears to be dismissing or repressing any information that could impede their agenda and vaccine distribution.

As in other countries, there is growing awareness in Austria of data that contradicts any need for lockdowns or compulsory use of vaccines.

Scientists and health agencies worldwide openly admit vaccination does not affect transmission of the virus, yet senior Austrian government officials continue to accuse the unvaccinated of ignorant and anti-social behavior.

Since the pandemic began, lockdowns have been ongoing for the entire population, including requirements at some institutions to wear a wristband verifying vaccination.

Government intransigence, increasing defiance

The government loosened restrictions for vaccinated Austrians beginning Dec. 12 for a period of three weeks over the holiday season.

However the unvaccinated remain under tight restrictions, allowed out of their homes only for basic needs or medical appointments.

As the virus surges across Europe, there have been growing protests against Austrian government policies. Yet leaders have only increased their rhetoric in support of the international agenda claiming vaccines are the primary solution to stopping the virus.

The Austrian Chancellor, Alexander Schallenberg, on Nov. 20, blamed opponents of vaccination for the pandemic.

“We have too many political forces in this country that are fighting against this vaccination vehemently, massively and publicly. That is irresponsible. This is actually an attack on our health care system. And incited by these radical opponents of vaccination, by specious fake news, unfortunately too many of us have not been vaccinated. The consequence is overcrowded intensive care units and enormous human suffering.”

It would be his last official commentary on vaccines. On Dec. 2, Schallenberg announced he would resign in the wake of corruption charges against his party’s leader, Sebastian Kurz.

As in most of the world, Austrian politics have been fraught with tension and division, especially with regard to vaccine mandates.

Yet even as leadership changes in Austria, the powerful global economic forces behind government policy are unperturbed. They continue to present vaccines as the sole solution to the pandemic.

In the face of statistics and reports of the vaccines’ limited viability and injurious effects, citizens were protesting well before the new law was announced.

With enforced vaccination on the near horizon, many Austrians are deeply concerned and have started to organize opposition to the new law.

In fact, in response to the proposed new edicts and in the wake of the intransigent political atmosphere, some of the largest and most vehement protests are taking place in Austria.

On Dec. 4 and Dec. 11, crowds in Vienna protested the new law mandating vaccines.

Additional rallies with tens of thousands of defiant citizens have taken place in cities across the country, including Graz, Linz and Salzburg.

As the largest demonstrations continue in Vienna, the government and the press repeatedly claim after each protest that only 40,000 people were out on the streets.

However, organizers estimate at least 300,000 citizens could be counted in the most recent rallies.

Overall the media has largely condemned demonstrators, with much of the domestic and foreign press highlighting minor violence at otherwise peaceful gatherings, or like Schallenberg, claiming the rallies were organized by ignorant, right-wing radicals.

Unheard voices from Austria

Since the pandemic began, a number of informed politicians, attorneys and physicians have challenged the Austrian government’s response, questioning the legitimacy of policy and statutes.

Most are motivated by scientific data and personal experience that fails to substantiate lockdowns or mandates.

There are increasing numbers of people in Austria disputing the validity of government policies. Their voices threaten the effectiveness of the new law.

In September, a new political party, the MFG, won 6% of the vote in Upper Austria. The party’s platform is centered on individual rights in making personal healthcare decisions.

The MFG is demanding new open government policies based on factual information about the pandemic. The party’s chairman, Michael Brunner, is an independent attorney with expertise in the abuse of power by the state.

In an interview with The Defender, Brunner explained why forming a political party was necessary.

He said:

“The state’s eagerness for limiting the freedom of the Austrian people was shocking. And during the first lockdown in March 2020, it became obvious that it’s about much more than just fighting a health crisis.”

Brunner said shop owners received restraining orders prohibiting them from entering their own businesses, and police were sent to check on people in their private homes to ensure their obedience to the newly established COVID rules and regulations.

Brunner added:

“These actions flew in the face of Austria’s constitutional democracy. At first I was hellbent on fighting the grave legal missteps committed by the government. Austria’s high court did declare most of those COVID measures were unconstitutional. The first two lockdowns, the restraining orders — all that and more were unlawful.”

The problem, Brunner said, is that the constitutional court’s rulings always come too late. The government passes laws and gives out executive orders —and in hindsight, the constitutional court declares most, if not all of them, as unconstitutional.

“By that time more laws and executive orders have already been passed, which in turn makes the constitutional court fall behind dramatically,” Brunner said. “It’s a game they can never win — much to the dismay of the people.”

Brunner said the solution is clear. He said:

“If the system starts to act unlawfully then fighting it in the courts is fruitless. By becoming a political player, you will be able to make a difference.”

Contradicting the state narrative

Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, a physician and activist, told The Defender it is also important to provide information contradicting the state narrative about the pandemic.

Her first efforts involved organizing others to facilitate sharing of information that was otherwise unavailable

Hubmer-Mogg said:

“Earlier this year, many of my colleagues and friends felt we needed to inform other doctors and patients about what we were finding, so we started an organization called “We Show Our Face.”

She said early studies revealed masks weren’t going to impact the spread of the virus, and wearing them outside was nonsensical.

“We also knew that dropping our masks symbolized telling the truth about vaccines and lockdowns,” Hubmer-Mogg said.

She added:

“Physicians and attorneys recorded a series of short video pieces for our website, with an emphasis on our concerns about the children’s vaccination. It took some bravery because we knew that the medical establishment was coming after us. But we will not stop.”

What physicians, practitioners are seeing

Many Austrians are becoming aware that the experience of medical practitioners contradicts the narrative presented by government officials and mainstream media.

Trust is eroding in a healthcare system that amplified the number of COVID cases by using questionable testing and exaggerated the number of deaths from COVID by including anyone who dies with the disease as a victim of the pandemic.

Monica Frohmann has an online homeopathic practice, supporting patients internationally. She also treats patients with craniosacral therapy in Austria.

Frohmann’s experience during the pandemic mirrors what many physicians have seen with COVID patients, but what is rarely reported. She discussed some of her observations in her practice.

Frohmann said:

“Currently I see patients who have contracted the virus — about 60% are vaccinated and 40% are unvaccinated. And the vaccinated tend to be sicker and have more deep-seated symptoms. Their fevers are higher, with more intense symptoms, including aches and pains that are so severe that they can barely move.

“Those who were vaccinated generally take a longer time to recover than the people who are unvaccinated.”

Frohmann reported seeing many people who have been vaccinated who are experiencing side effects. These range from severe conditions such as acute leukemia that developed two weeks after the second dose, several different types of cancer and thrombosis.

There are also less severe conditions, including intermittent fevers over weeks and months, shingles outbreaks and rheumatoid arthritis, in people who never had a single complaint, Frohmann said. “The list is endless.”

Brunner formed his perspective from the accounts of practitioners and analysis of data that directly contradict the need for lockdowns and mandates.

He said the uncertainty and risks associated with COVID vaccines present the central legal foundations for challenging the government’s policies.

Brunner told The Defender:

“We know nothing about the so-called vaccines mid- and long-term side effects, or its effects on heart conditions, organs and fertility. What we do know though is that the vaccination damage related to the COVID-19 jabs goes through the roof. Millions around the world already suffer from severe damage and tens of thousands have died.

“That gives way for only one conclusion: The vaccination campaign has to stop now. And this should never have happened, but they did it anyway. We will fight tooth and nail to prevent more damage being done.”

Global collaboration on COVID treatments

Although Hubmer-Mogg said she recognizes the need for political change and is involved with the rallies, she also has applied herself to providing doctors and patients information supporting the prevention and treatment of COVID.

She said she is working with healthcare organizations from all around the world.

She said:

“I’m on the steering committee for the ‘World Council for Health,’ an umbrella coalition where different groups have joined together, including those from Australia, Austria, Germany, Mexico and many other countries. Currently, we have a weekly general assembly meeting with international guest speakers making presentations. Anyone can listen to informative talks on topics rarely touched upon by the mainstream media.”

World Council for Health published an informative early home treatment guide on COVID, and information for pregnant women with medical guidance on the pandemic, Hubmer-Mogg said. In addition to the weekly meeting and health guides, she said the website has a lot of valuable information.

While the government and the press incite fear about the virus, many health practitioners are working to help patients. Frohmann said she faults Austrian officials for not providing information that can prevent or minimize the symptoms of COVID.

She explained how the government doesn’t talk about anything except vaccination. “They’re not suggesting a healthy diet or exercise or supplements. Not even vitamin D, or proper amounts of sunshine and fresh air,” she said.

“Whether they choose to be vaccinated or not, I support patients, and in addition to homeopathic care, I suggest good health measures, supplements, diet, exercise, etcetera,” Frohmann told The Defender. “I also help them afterward if they have a reaction to the vaccine. I absolutely do not judge them for being vaccinated, that is their personal choice, and I respect that.”

Frohmann also respects those who won’t get vaccinated, she said.

Deterioration of freedoms

Austria has been at the epicenter of European political dynamics over the last 100 years. As the current government attempts to dismantle the democratic rights of its citizens, some are reminded of the past.

However, no historical analogies are needed to interpret what is happening now. People are being told when they can leave their homes and where they can go, based on questionable data and logic.

In light of her clinical observations, Frohmann said she sees the mandates and new law as a deterioration of individual freedoms.

She said:

“What my problem with all of this is, is that our human rights have gone completely out the window. I would have said it could never happen in Austria because of the history of what’s happened here, where you would think that on this soil, people must have learned something from history, and authoritarianism should never, ever be possible. But it’s looking like enforced vaccines will become the reality by February 1.”

Frohmann said Austrians need to stand up and refuse to have their rights taken from them, and that people in the rest of the world need to know what is happening here.

She said:

“If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere. And once they have succeeded in forcing us to vaccinate, where will it stop? What’s next?”

As an extension of her work for organizations distributing medical information, Hubmer-Mogg has been involved in the demonstrations during which she presents her perspective on the government’s policies and the new law.

“The first really huge rally was on November 20. Although the police and media said around 40,000 people were there, we estimated there were at least 300,000. I had never seen so many people in the streets of Vienna. There were speeches at different stages, with doctors, politicians and other people speaking about our need to demand democratic freedom.

She said the media also underreported numbers and exaggerated the violence at the Dec. 4 rally. “I have spoken at both rallies and emphasize that I’m not there for politics, I’m not a politician,” she said.

Hubmer-Mogg said:

“We are together, standing shoulder to shoulder against tyranny. We do not need the globalists’ Great Reset. We are doing the greater reset as a human family. Together we are strong. The brave souls around the world can do this together. We won’t comply with what politicians are trying to force on us.”

People are coming out from all different age groups, professions and perspectives, Hubmer-Mogg said, and they all come together because of a simple concept: “We have bodily autonomy as part of our basic human rights, and we have the right to insist on this freedom and to be informed with the truth.”

She said people “instinctively say no to tyranny, and because these draconian measures are based on unscientific absurdities.”

International battle to derail mandates

In addition to political remedies, Brunner and the MFG have started to prepare for legal means to derail the implementation of the new mandates. Brunner said:

“The first step is the distribution of a sample letter we put together. It is a legal appeal against the fine they will force you to pay if you remain unvaxxed. This sample letter will be made available free to download on the MFG website.”

According to Brunner, there are approximately 2.3 million unvaxxed people in Austria. If half of them use the sample letter the courts will be flooded with appeals.

“That’s going to throw a wrench in the works of the system, and will cause serious delays,” Brunner said. “It might play a pivotal part in partially shutting it down.”

Brunner said the manageable size of Austria’s population makes the country the “perfect testing ground for the globalist agenda.” He said:

“The current atmosphere is growing dark and gloomy. And more and more people are getting restless and impatient. They are starting to grasp the idea that there’s more to the situation than just a health crisis.

“The dark forces behind this movement are in the shadows, though this is nothing new under the sun. A global elite is infiltrating all ways of life. It’s tough to battle this hydra, but we keep up the good fight.”

Hubmer-Mogg agreed there is a battle to be won against international forces that see Austria as a testing ground.

“Perhaps the globalists think Austrians will be obedient, but they are wrong,” she said. “Their agenda becomes meaningless when we speak from our hearts.”

Global forces have made Austria a test case for compulsory vaccines, she said. “They think that what works in Austria will work in the rest of Europe and on other continents.”

She said the government is applying greater pressure and using fear, however more people are recognizing that blaming the unvaccinated for the pandemic is a repressive tactic.

“When not agreeing to get a booster makes you a criminal, the majority of people will awaken to what is happening,” Hubmer-Mogg said. “And as vaccinated people continue to get sick, it will be apparent that we are not hearing the truth from leaders or the media.”

“We will be on the streets until this nonsense stops,” she said.

Brunner also sees international cooperation as a key element in fighting mandates. “Austria is on the cutting edge of the worldwide vaccination agenda,” he said. “Therefore we need all the international help we can get.”

Brunner pointed out how in Paris, protesters recently came together in front of the Austrian embassy chanting “Freedom for Austria!”

“It is comforting and food for our souls to have international support,” he said.

Brunner said he and others are doing a lot of networking, getting in touch with international lawyers, organizations and institutions for exchanging ideas and setting up platforms for cooperating in fighting the insanity imposed on us by the government.

“The immediate future might look bleak,” Brunner said. “But I’m still positive we’ll successfully turn the tables.”

Brunner added:

“There’s something big in the works here. A bond is growing between MFG and the people, bringing us closer and closer together.

“And that tells me something: The system has crossed a line it should never have crossed. People from all walks of life are now waking up, protesting and finally understanding that it’s up to them to make a change.

“That’s why I’m optimistic, that’s why I’m staying positive. In the end we will triumph. I’m sure about it.”

The level of resistance to vaccine policy and mandates in Austria could influence similar efforts in the rest of the world. Considering the ongoing powerful agenda of the global vaccine campaign, the battle is most likely just at its beginning.

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