Back Peddling Hard. It’s a Big Win the Surf Lifesavers. No More Death Whacks for Them

Back Peddling Hard. It’s a Big Win the Surf Lifesavers. No More Death Whacks for Them

By Dave Oneegs Aussie Chat

Back peddling HARD.
It’s a big win for the surf lifesavers.
No more death whacks for them.

Here’s what others had to say:

Love More
Yes… however only QLD. NSW, WA and NT need releasing from it.

Woolies and coles next, 200 000 employees between them.

This thing is going to disappear. The real science is in – the people now know what they are dealing with.

Truth Only
Next Battle: Digital I.D. keep your chin up mate. Love, me, from new brunswick canada.

Did the government drop mandates for qld.

Sierra Fox
Thank f**k for that. The last thing we need is for our life savers to clutch their chests in the water and be struck down with myocardial infarction.

Tails up everyone. Don’t be defensive. Live your lives as per normal. As a collective we decide where we are going before we get there through our state of mind and projection. Push forward. Ignore them.

That’s because the virus isn’t deadly or harmful.

Dan Andrew’s is doing nothing for the unvaxed. No back peddling going on here. We are all still segregated.

Cara Bell
How could you trust a rescue by someone tripple jabbed they might stroke out while trying to save you. No logic here

Sports Tour
Completely corrupt institution, a disgrace to the people actually on the beach saving lives. If only the truth of the disgusting abuse was known. Never give a cent to that organisation.

Jacquie Groves

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