Big Pharma Lies Exposed, Sidney Powell


Big Pharma Lies Exposed, Sidney Powell

By Defending The Republic

Big Pharma Lies Exposed.
Sidney Powell’s interview on American Media Periscope.


Here’s what others had to say:

Stay the course Grand Lady !!!
You still have our support .. Honorable endeavors like yours are the salvation foundation bricks of our Constitutional Republic !!!

I’ve been wondering what the percentage of miscarriages has been in the past. It’s important to have a comparison to the rise in miscarriages possibly caused by the jab. According to the link below, the estimates vary from 25%-40% depending upon whether you count miscarriages before a positive pregnancy test. So 82%, if correct, is a BIG jump!

God bless America! WWG1WGA! The best is yet to come! Hold the line! Do not comply!

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