Bill Gates Ruthless Vaxxine Billionaire Documentary


Bill Gates Ruthless Vaxxine Billionaire Documentary

By KanekoaTheGreat

Bill Gates Ruthless Vaccine Billionaire Documentary


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Gates and Epstein were both into trans humanism! This didn’t even touch the surface of his evilness as Gates now owns more farmland as the one who controls the food controls the people! If he can’t get you with the jab you will have to come out for food! I expect he will be looking at controlling our water too! I would not be surprised if he is the Antichrist but I know for sure he is demon possessed! He and Soros own all the cv tests now so he gets you any way with cv! The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil! I think he wants to be god of this world and we know who the Bible says that is!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out “FallCabal” channel on Bitchute and watch the 17 part series “The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal” by Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter. Part 1 was released in Oct 2020 and Part 17 just a couple days ago and, and the series delves pretty deep into Bill Gates’ evil undertakings, especially the earlier parts. The series was initially intended to be a 17 part series, but Janet said there was so much more of the story to tell, so who knows how many more parts they’ll end up releasing.

What’s nice to know is according to he is having his Tribunal now day one didn’t go so well Melinda Gates verified what they already knew. It’s evilness (Crimes Against Humanity ) will send him to his death. Rightfully So.

Whoever you are KaneKoaTheGreat I love you! As a mom of a vaccine injured child… I cannot begin to explain my rage at how THIS MAN and this system that aids and abets him should all be hung for Crimes Against Humanity. They LIE! From day 1. They circumvent the awesome bodies made by God Almighty. This weasel of a man deserves
Deaths of millions of cuts. He can never repay the damage, sorrow, pain and well of sadness so many parents have felt as we watched our children be harmed, die, and suffer form countless ailments from
His evil vaccines. Thank you for sharing a pinch of truth here. I say a pinch bc we HOOD people cannot imagine the levels of evil involved in this.

The crimes of the CDC, FAUCI, NIH, FDA, NIAID with Big farm I have done so much harm to the United States making our country suffer with an explosion of cancers, autoimmune disease, CIFDS, and autism.
The vaccine injuries affect every age group. But they are the most profound in the very very young.
2011 if it’s discovered that 10% of the US blood supply was contaminated with retroviruses that came from vaccines. These retroviruses are linked to various cancers, leukemia, prostate, breast, and autoimmune diseases as well as autism.
They use various animal tissues cell lines to grow cultures in the lab. Those animals carry their own inmate retroviruses that are very dangerous for human beings. This contamination of the blood supply was covered up by the CDC and FAUCI except for one loan senior scientist who was involved saved copies of the destroyed documents and disseminated those to a investigative journalist.
Though a difficult long road the work of Amy yasco has have been very beneficial for the families that have been affected by autism to help restore gut health and various trace mineral imbalances to help children slowly gently over period of several months and a couple years to detoxify and get their metabolic and detoxification pathways restored to a more efficient and better quality of life where they can resume some of their speech, and cognitive connections with the environment.. God bless you and may God’s hand be on your family and your child all the days of your life in Jesus name amen

And I will NEVER stop fighting back for what they’ve done. You cannot imagine the deep sadness as you hold your New baby a half hour after a DTP shot and see her scream without ceasing for over 7 hours. Brain swelling is the most horrific torturous thing you can do to a baby. Imagine being that evil. People of the world… stop vaXXing your children, selves, and parents.

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