Chinese Scientists Publish Antidote for ADE From COV Vaxx

Chinese Scientists Publish Antidote for ADE From COV Vaxx

By CNBS News

Chinese scientists publish antidote for ADE from COVID vaccines

Yep. They’re one step ahead, for sure. And of course, they are since they released this bioweapon.

There are two new studies – one that explains how the COVID-19 vaccines are beginning to cause ADE and what is happening. The second is a proposed antidote.

So first, the original study. They’re not calling it ADE. They’re calling it, “ Antibody Dependent Auto-Attack (ADAA)”.

The current study revealed the pathogenic roles and the new mechanism of action (ADAA) of certain antibodies specific to the spike proteins of coronaviruses such as the COVID-19 virus and the SARS-CoV virus (Figure 8). We had discovered that in a mouse model, pre-injection of anti-influenza immune sera induced more severe infections than the mice infected with an influenza virus alone . Wang and co-workers reported that anti-SARS-CoV spike antisera promoted SARS infection through antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) in vitro. Liu and co-workers reported that anti-SARS-CoV spike immune sera induced by a SARS-CoV vaccine caused acute lung injury by promoting MCP1 and IL-8 production and monocyte or macrophage recruitment and accumulation in SARS-CoV infected macaque models . The previously reported mechanism of action (MOA) of these anti-spike antibodies is ADE-based, in that the antibodies enhance viral infectivity.

And now for the antidote.

A drug candidate for treating adverse reactions caused by pathogenic antibodies inducible by COVID-19 virus and vaccines

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