COV Treatment Protocols From Around the World Are Being Ignored and Data Is Being Deliberately Suppressed

COV Treatment Protocols From Around the World Are Being Ignored and Data Is Being Deliberately Suppressed

By Matt Matkovic

I had no interest in making a second video on this topic I said my peace in my original video and was happy to leave it there. But things have escalated in recent weeks and vital information is not being conveyed that can help people make informed decisions for their own health.

Covid treatment protocols from around the world are being ignored and data is being deliberately suppressed as all we continue to hear is Vaccination is the only way forward.

While I disagree with the methods protestors have used in our cities in recent days I share their frustrations at mandates and prolonged lockdowns.

But there is a way to go about getting your message across and here is my attempt to do that.

The second half of this video contains maybe the most important information you’ll hear regarding the pandemic.

What you do with that information is up to you.

Have a Great Day!

Here’s what others had to say:

Dave Thompson
Hey Matt, I am trying to find the source where I can overlay the number of Covid cases by region in India to then look at the performance of those regions using Ivermectin as a prophylactic as opposed to those states where Ivermectin is not used/permitted. Can you please send me a link to a site that provides this level of information?!?
Many Thanks,

Ray Kostiainen
Spot on!

Katie Elizabeth
Omg I so agree with everything you say

Katie Elizabeth
Thankyou for sharing wirh me Mark Flanigan

John Johnthesailor Rubie
Great idea the vaccine has been proved by 200 scientists around the world to add to every vaccinated human body blood clots, cancer,destruction of glands, organs and systems by the spike proteins and dramatically reduced life expectancy. This is why none of the politicians are getting it!!!

Tash Coomber
Wow. Thank you for sharing!

Brett Quinn
How is vital information not being conveyed? How does making a video of readily available clips change that? If you want the truth-seek it. No one is stopping anyone from seeking the truth. However…what actually is truth seems to be debatable. Which it isn’t.

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