Dr. David Martin – BS 19 Vaxx mRNA Code Is a Bioweapon Developed via a Digital Simulation

Dr. David Martin – BS 19 Vaxx mRNA Code Is a Bioweapon Developed via a Digital Simulation

By Australian National Review

Dr. David Martin was interviewed by Mike Adams.
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Here’s what others had to say:

Lady Sane
What is in the vaccines? Proprietary ingredients and evidence of graphene oxide
Awaiting further confirmation on independent research studies but it may be this is nothing more than simple poison Stew Peters is pushing Trump so hard, the man who STILL is telling people to inject themselves with experimental poisons.

Thank you, Mike and Dr. Martin, for this informative conversation. Dr. Martin always reveals information no one else seems to be in the loop on. However, I offer an opposing view to Dr. Martin’s talk of lizards–and that their seeing no obstacles is a good thing. Lizards are short snakes to many, me among them (yes, you may laugh). And we make use of a good-size broom, rake to stop their intrusion of running everywhere, up walls; I don’t ever in my life want to be where one gets to a ceiling. Because his book features these scary things, I regret I won’t be able to get it. Otherwise, thank you both for this revealing conversation. Heavenly Father Bless you and keep you safe.

Kimberly Kingstad
wed have food if they weren’t threatening farmers to destroy their crops

Kimberly Kingstad
I love you dr David Martin and mike Adams I love how intelligent you both are. I love that you share the truth , you are truly doing Gods work here, many prayers to you both from me

jim panner
Dr Martin is a super genius. EVERYTHING he says is gold. We are so lucky to have him. Mike Adams TOO. Thanks Mike for everything you do. This was a superb interview!

In answer to the phony account below, Randy Leathers (which won’t accept replies), It depends on what “test” is being used. A PCR test run at over 24 cycles can pick up virtually anything a person has ever been exposed to, including smallpox or polio, but it won’t provide ANY information about the viral load, which is essential to determine whether or not someone has an active infection.
The PCR test for covid has been run at 45 cycles per CDC directives since this whole sham started, but the CDC recently announced that it will be lowering that threshold in an effort to prevent the 85% FALSE POSITIVE RATE they’ve been getting. So, the whole world has been on lockdown over “hundreds of millions of positive covid tests,” when in reality there have been 85% LESS THAN ADVERTISED. My guess is, your examples of negative tests were not the result of PCR testing, unless the cycle threshold utilized was less than 24. And just as with the tomfoolery of 45-cycle PCR tests to show phony positives, there may also be tomfoolery testing among the vaxxed to show FALSE NEGATIVES.

Dr. Martin……..It’s not surprising your first name is David. I would be willing to bet that you dance also in like manner.
The hands down quote of this decade belongs to you sir….”I actually have a Sphincter that works.”
No doubt your Crowns will be many.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/health/dr-david-martin-bs-19-vaxx-mrna-code-is-a-bioweapon-developed-via-a-digital-simulation/

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