Dr. Stefan Lanka: Pandemic Theater – History of the Infection Theory (Part 1)

Dr. Stefan Lanka: Pandemic Theater – History of the Infection Theory (Part 1)

By Impfen Nein Danke


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Jakub Kaiser
Thank you Dr. Lanka! Mind blowing revelation….everybody has to hear this TRUTH!

It has all the 3 parts in it with the subtitles. Very informative, thank you!

Cornelia Funke
Ich werde nicht Drumherum kommen Ihre Bücher zu kaufen! Vielen Dank für Ihr Video, diese einfache Sprache, kann jeder verstehen!

S Gold On
Brave Scientific Eminence, Biologist, Molecular Biologist, Virologist and Natural Sciences Doctorate Dr. Lanka’s perfect explanation is always indirectly related to the famous and old, natural health-great book from Chile named: ”La Medicina Natural al Alcance de Todos”.

Karin Lehmann
Danke für das aufklärende sehr breit gefächerte und in die Tiefe gehendes Video.
Passen sie gut auf sich auf.

Behind truth
I owe a ton of gratitude to Dr.Stefan Lanka and all my virus confusion got cleared. Also, the other links in the description seem really informative and time to take a dip in to all that. Thank you.

The Virus Hypothesis can be denied by means of:
1. The energy-conservation-law, where a pair of passive molecules cannot inject anything.
2. Rejection of transplanted tissue – per its cell shells: The virus shell is a cell-shell thus must be rejected by other people’s cells. A cell-shell is encoded individually like a has-function over the individual DNA.

Original source: https://youtu.be/3cnlynJZLtM

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