Important Information To Send to Parents Who Are Thinking of Allowing Their Child To Get the BS-19 Vaxx

Important Information To Send to Parents Who Are Thinking of Allowing Their Child To Get the BS-19 Vaxx

By Staff Reporter

The authorities aren’t going to stop at 12 year-olds and will come for younger children soon so it is important not to give up…

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▪️Teen deaths among 15-19-year-olds have increased by 47% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine according to official ONS data (

▪️86% of Children suffered an Adverse Reaction to the Pfizer Covid Vaccine in Clinical Trial (

▪️1 in 9 children suffered a serious adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine in the Clinical Trial leaving them unable to perform daily activities  (

▪️Kids will be vaccinated in schools without parental consent despite a mountain of evidence that the Covid-19 Vaccines are killing Children in the USA  (

▪️Children in the US have also suffered cardiac arrest and been left paralysed due to the Covid-19 vaccines (

▪️Children will not gain anything from having the jab because they do not prevent infection or transmission as evidenced in three recent studies published by the CDC, UK Government & Oxford University (

▪️They also won’t be protected from hospitalisation or death associated with Covid-19 because children are not being hospitalised or dying with Covid-19 as evidenced in NHS statistics  (

▪️Many have been left blind or fully paralysed by the Covid-19 vaccines (

▪️78% or Covid-19 deaths are among the Vaccinated and 999 calls for Cardiac Arrest are at an all time high since teens were offered the Covid-19 Vaccine (

▪️The Pfizer vaccine only gained emergency authorisation for use in children because Pfizer manipulated trial data and committed serious offences (

▪️The serous offences include allegations that Pfizer tested their Covid-19 vaccine on orphan babies (

# Pfizer claimed another of their experimental drugs was safe for children and had to pay out billions in hush money due to killing and injuring nearly 200 children (

The evidence strongly suggests that children have absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose by having a Covid-19 vaccine.

Save the Children.

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