‘Informed Consent’, ‘Voluntary Healthcare Decisions’ and Coercive Vaxxination…

‘Informed Consent’, ‘Voluntary Healthcare Decisions’ and Coercive Vaxxination…

By Australian National Review

For the attention of:
Mr Martin Fletcher, CEO
Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Mr Fletcher, in regards to COVID-19 vaccination, Amanda Watson has confirmed that:

“Practitioners have an obligation to obtain informed consent for treatment, including vaccination. Informed consent is a person’s voluntary decision about health care that is made with knowledge and
understanding of the benefits and risks involved.”

As I’ve highlighted in previous correspondence (see email list below), there is a conflict in the Morrison and State Governments’ COVID-19 vaccination rollout and the obtaining of informed consent before vaccination, as people are being coerced to submit to COVID-19 injections – this means people are not making an authentic “voluntary decision about health care that is made with knowledge and understanding of the benefits and risksinvolved”.

A recent example of this is an email to workers in healthcare settings from Lesley Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer, Central Adelaide Local Health Network, requiring that people currently working in a healthcare setting must have COVID-19 vaccination, as authorised by Grantley Stevens, SA Police Commissioner and State Coordinator COVID-19 Emergency Response, see copy of letter attached.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, with governments across Australia mandating COVID-19 injections for an everincreasing list of workers, e.g. the Victoria State Government, NSW Government, Northern Territory Government, etc.

Mr Fletcher, as I’ve already outlined in my previous correspondence, COVID-19 is unlikely to be a serious threat to most people, so why is the entire Australian population aged 12 years and over being pressed to have the COVID-19 injections, which apparently do not prevent infection nor transmission, and provide unknown duration of ‘immunity’, potentially interfering with individuals’ own effective natural immune response?

This must be clarified now, i.e. what are the ‘sources of information’ backing this coercive COVID-19 vaccination of the Australian population? Presumably GPs and other vaccination providers are using ATAGI recommendations, i.e. Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) Clinical guidance on use of COVID-19 vaccine in Australia in 2021 (v.7.3) – is this correct?

I’m going to examine the ATAGI clinical guidance but, in the meantime, I’m putting it on the record with AHPRA that those practitioners who are injecting people who are reluctantly submitting to COVID-19 injections to maintain their employment, are not properly obtaining informed consent from their patients, i.e. these practitioners are likely to know that these people are being coerced to submit to COVID-19 injections, and are not truly making a “voluntary decision about health care that is made with knowledge and understanding of the benefits and risks involved”.

This lack of authentic ‘informed consent’ may have very serious repercussions in future, for the individual practitioners, and also for the reputation of the healthcare profession.

This is a crisis Mr Fletcher…the APVMA, Medical Boards, RACGP, RACP, AMA and other medical organisations must address the failure to obtain authentic informed consent before COVID-19 injections,
without coercion, much damage has already been done.

I request your urgent response on this matter.

See my previous emails to AHPRA:
Covid-19 injections and ‘informed consent’ 10 September 2021
Is it ethical to insist on covid-19 injections for health staff? 7 July 2021
Is it ethical to inject mass population with covid injections? 5 July 2021
Is it ethical for doctors to inject children with covid-19 injections? 15 June 2021
Coercive covid-19 injections in Australia – email to the Medical Board of Australia, AHPRA, RACGP,
RACP, AMA 8 June 2021

Elizabeth Hart
Independent person investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/health/informed-consent-voluntary-healthcare-decisions-and-coercive-vaxxination/

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