Is AHPRA Hiding Just How Many Medical Professionals They Are Bullying?


Is AHPRA Hiding Just How Many Medical Professionals They Are Bullying?

By Office of Senator Gerard Rennick

On the 17th December 2021, I wrote to AHPRA requesting information pertaining to how many medical practitioners they were investigating, as a result of them allegedly going against their COVID advice.

My letter included,

“Since the commencement of ATAGl’s medical exemptions for Covid-19 vaccinations, I request the number of investigations or formal inquiries into medical practitioners; those being the approved list of medical practitioners who are able to issue a Covid-19 immunisation exemption as outlined by Services Australia, who have issued medical exemptions to patients.

I request the number of investigations, their status (closed, ongoing etc.) and the outcome of the investigation (no further action or type of disciplinary action taken). I do not request personal information by way of practitioner name or patient medical information.”

AHPRA’s response stated,

“In response to your request, Ahpra conducted a search of its information holdings and did not identify any documents that would meet the scope of your request.
As all reasonable searches have been conducted by Ahpra and no document relevant to your request can be located, it is my decision to refuse access under section 24A(1) of the FOI Act.
It is also not possible to produce a document containing the information you seek via computerised means and solely using information in the possession or control of AHPRA.”

Not only are AHPRA bullies they are also cowards. Which isn’t surprising – bullies are cowards right?

Taxpayers have a right to know how our money is being spent, yet bureaucrats think they don’t have to be accountable.
The fact they don’t have systems to track outstanding investigations by issue type goes to show they are incompetent as well.

How is the minister meant to monitor their performance if AHPRA are unable to produce management reports outlining what they do each month. Or is it a case that they are too embarrassed to disclose just how many people they are bullying?

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