Is It Ethical to ‘Vaxxinate’ Billions of People Against CV-19? Email to Andrew Read, Re ‘Leaky Vaxxines’

Is It Ethical to ‘Vaxxinate’ Billions of People Against CV-19? Email to Andrew Read, Re ‘Leaky Vaxxines’

By Australian National Review

It’s astonishing that multiple shots of COVID-19 ‘leaky vaccines’, that don’t prevent infection nor transmission, and with questionable duration of ‘immunity’, are being foisted upon the entire global population, and being mandated in many countries! What is going on?
I raised questions about the ‘leaky vaccines’ in January this year, contacting Andrew Read, an author on the famed ‘leaky vaccines’/Marek’s disease in chickens study.
It’s stunning there appears to have been no careful evaluation process before spreading these defective covid-19 injections across the global population…how could this have happened?!?!
We have to track this back now…

For the attention of:
Andrew Read
Department of Entomology
PennState College of Agricultural Sciences

Andrew Read, I first contacted you on 27 January this year, asking: If Covid-19 vaccines don’t prevent transmission, can they facilitate the evolution of more virulent variants?

Nine months later, COVID-19 ‘leaky vaccines’ are being pressed upon billions of people of all ages and health status around the world, including children. They’re being pressed upon people who are not at serious risk of COVID-19, i.e. most people under 70, and many healthy people over that age.

In light of your Marek’s disease and ‘leaky vaccines’ study, what do you think now about this unprecedented plan to inject billions of people with ‘leaky vaccines’ that don’t prevent infection nor ransmission, and which provide limited duration of ‘immunity’? Particularly as it was known from the beginning most people aren’t at serious risk of COVID19?

How on earth could these experimental ‘leaky vaccine’ products be pressed upon the entire global community, how could this be approved?! It’s truly mind-boggling…

In Australia, people in the states of Victoria and New South Wales are now under an apartheid system, differentiating between the ‘vaccinated’ and the ‘unvaccinated’, with the ‘vaccinated’ granted reedoms of movement and association, while those who refuse to submit to the defective ‘leaky vaccines’ are punished with ‘stay-at-home’ orders and excluded from civil society. A similar situation is looming for people in other states, with talk of vaccination targets of up to 95% before freedoms are returned for all. What exactly is ‘the science’ backing these vaccination targets, or is it the International Monetary Fund calling the shots: COVID not over until everyone jabbed: IMF?

Regardless of arbitrary vaccination targets, health practitioners have an obligation to obtain ‘informed consent’ from their patients before medical interventions, including vaccination. The Australian regulator of health practitioners, AHPRA, has confirmed “Informed consent is a person’s voluntary decision about health care that is made with knowledge and understanding of the benefits and risks involved”. But it seems many people are not making a voluntary decision about COVID-19 vaccination, as they are being coerced into this medical intervention to keep their jobs. State governments and companies such as BHP, Rio Tinto, Woodside Petroleum, News Corp, SPC, Qantas, National Bank, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Coles, Aldi, KPMG and others have taken it upon themselves to demand their employees be vaccinated, led by the call of News Corp Australasia Chairman Michael Miller, with the support of the Morrison Government. It’s astonishing what an authoritarian state Australia is turning into, on the back of the Morrison and State Governments’ grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted response to SARS-CoV-2.

It seems this is a plan to deliberately hook people onto COVID-19 injections for life with repeated ‘boosters’, thereby creating an ongoing multi-billion dollar COVID injection market, at the cost of natural immunity, see for example my rapid response published on The BMJ in March 2020: Is it ethical to impede access to natural immunity? The case of SARS-CoV2.

Millions of people have been pressured to have COVID-19 injections, in my view without valid ‘informed consent’. For instance, how many people were informed they were being set up for multiple COVID-19 injections, with a third dose already underway, and a fourth dose in the pipeline? How many more in future, and with what consequences?

It’s particularly shocking that children are being lined up for these injections when they are at infinitesimal risk of COVID-19 – what will it mean for them to be injected, possibly throughout life, with these still experimental COVID injections? How can this be happening?

This is happening because it’s not really about ‘the virus’, it’s about the vaccine passports that have been in the pipeline for years, and the plan to hook people into a digital system which will lock them into vaccines from cradle to grave, and a dystopian network of surveillance and control. Most Australians have no idea what they are being led into, because they’ve been brainwashed by a propaganda machine that controls the message, and floods the media with fear-mongering to support the lucrative corporate response to COVID-19, as foretold in the Event 201 pandemic simulation, particularly Segment 4 on Communications.

With the Morrison Government pouring $90 million of taxpayers’ money into its COVID-19 vaccine communications campaign, no wonder the mainstream media has been so compliant in providing blanket support and censoring dissent. There’s been little or nothing in the way of critical analysis of this unprecedented mass population vaccination rollout, which is actually “the largest global vaccination trial ever”, as admitted by Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Andrew Read, when you responded to me in January this year, see email below, you said you weren’t “quite sure what to say”, but you couldn’t “see any ethical reason to withhold vaccines…”

Did you foresee that COVID-19 injections would be pressed upon people not at risk of COVID-19, and even mandated, as is happening now in countries such as Australia, the US, France, Italy etc? Did you know that people’s fundamental freedoms were going to be attached to their vaccination status?

What are your thoughts now in regards to this unprecedented global rollout of ‘leaky vaccines’? Do you think this global mass vaccination campaign is ethically justifiable? If so, why?

My thoughts are that this is the biggest crime in human history, with the burgeoning COVID industry stealing the people’s wealth, freedom, and natural immunity.

As someone who claims to have ‘infectious disease expertise’ and is a self-professed ‘institutional leader’, I’d appreciate your response on this matter of vital importance to the entire global population.

Elizabeth Hart
Independent person investigating the gross over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

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