It’s Coming Out, Melbourne Nurse Lets Cat Out of the Bag

It’s Coming Out, Melbourne Nurse Lets Cat Out of the Bag

By Australian National Review

Nurse contacts 3AW radio station and lets the cat out of the bag about why hospitals in Melbourne are getting overloaded.

Here’s what others had to say:

Colleen In Prayer
She side stepped the whole point what that nurse was telling her and made out it was about turning up at emergency unnecessarily. And I bet they put him on mute as well.

LOL she’s decided to just play dumb and completely miss his point. Can they be any more obvious!

Spaghetti Can Eddie
Yeah it’s literally a Truman show situation now. It’s quite incredible to be alive right now and to witness this nonsensical, fake society we are living in.

Sandra Lemming
How quickly he was disregarded and cut off hey. the Narrative at work again to silence people.

What can you do with a brain-dead person? The poor guy, he must have felt so unheard and rejected, he risked so much, and got fobbed off. God bless him and protect him, and a great Thank you to him for having the courage to call in.

blacky boo
Unbelievable ! This is why the truth can’t be told but we will tell it and it will get out ! Hold the line people.

Steve Mogan
What amazes me, is people taking the jab give me a hundred different reason why they took it, but not one said they were taking it for health reasons, not one. My prayers to the jabbed.

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