Just Another Tragic Coincidence!

Just Another Tragic Coincidence!

By Elle Jade

Just another tragic coincidence!

One that will NEVER be reported or investigated as a potential adverse reaction to the experimental drug received in utero just 3 months prior..

Tell me again that the data we are given is accurate…


Here’s what others had to say:

Sky Gazer
But here people are not authoritarian like in Holland when it comes to implementing the current rules.

Maria Viteritti
It’s sad that babies pay the price for there Mother’s stupidity

Mieko Louise
I’ll Pm you something where a doctor confirms what you’re saying

Bradd Underwood
No answers yeah definitely not the experimental gene therapy ?‍♂️?

Laura Hill
This is honestly just devastating. They’ll never connect the dots either ??

Alex Hennglish
??? I can’t handle these people

Hayley W Devrell
I don’t understand how they just can’t see the link to any of this ?

Mark Rehbenn
Tripple H got heart surgery after the jab

Tasia Pavletic
Does the mother even accept the possibility that the vaccine was responsible for baby’s passing? Can anyone confirm?

Em Vaws
Devastating … and sadly this is the beginning. Wait when the now 12+ year olds get to the age of child bearing and are on the 23345356 booster. It’s unimaginable. Unfortunately it’s the only thing that might wake more people up. That gorgeous pure baby died for zero reason. ?

Mark Rehbenn
in december they are planning to inject 5yrs old and above

Ric Bartolozzi
So shocking. I have a 4 month old grand daughter and I’m so scared that her mum may be considering this.

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