Kellai Strodriguez – Age 35 – Serious Effects After Taking 2nd Moderna Vaxx

Kellai Strodriguez – Age 35 – Serious Effects After Taking 2nd Moderna Vaxx

By Pzelda

There are thousand of people in same position suffering from these experimental ‘vaccines’
I personally do not post video’s online unless they have a certified source

A good group to join for people to share ‘vaccine’ side effects/injury’s,deaths that has not been censored yet! is –

PURE EVIL this information is being hidden from the public by the powers that be!

Killing and maiming hundreds of thousands if not million + +

Here’s what others had to say:

I feel so terrible for her

Nobody told you ‘this’ could happen because nobody knows what they are doing. The blind are leading the blind.

No Dr is going to ever take her seriously because of her past history of mental health issues. I will pray for you because you are on your own. The Gov do not care about you, and the pharma companies are going to continue poisoning you along with the Gov help. Best thing you can do is stay away from DRs they have a license to kill.

If you do not realize your in the middle of a war you will be a victim.

Culling the herd…..shouldn’t have taken the euthanasia shot for a selfie moment and FB post….

Nobody told her? If only she could use her phone – anytime in the past 7 months – to check it the “vax” is harmful.

Oh well

i will pray for you Kelly x

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