Kmart Cov Marshals to the Rescue

Kmart Cov Marshals to the Rescue

By Juliana Priya

Kmart Covid Marshals to the rescue. This email is one of the most cringe pieces of literature I have ever read. Kmart Australia please don’t try to be philosophers or medical professionals and just stick to selling things at ridiculously low prices thanks to slave labour.


Here’s what others had to say:

Jay Banda
Right, kmart will be the 1st place I visit UN poisoned.. Let’s see them kick me out

Alicia Stacey
What! Clothing is not essential for everyone? Are they banning unvx from groceries too?

Melissa Moorhouse
It works so well that you have to check in, mask, sanitize & socially distance. Got it!

Dean Hunter
Well I’m going to be very vocal whist walking away

Yakov Kristnov
Don’t need their cheap slave trade trash anymore anyway. Nazi’s.

Jamison Roger
I might go down to test out their security. I bet I could get in with my pure blood

Rick Mccarten
Everything in Kmart is CHINESE built anyway! Fuck em!!
Buy Australian!!

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