Mandating of Bs 19 Vax for All Aged Care Workers Must Be Waived!

Mandating of Bs 19 Vax for All Aged Care Workers Must Be Waived!

By Fiona Wattus

On 28th June 2021, the National Cabinet agreed to mandate that at least the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine be administered by mid-September 2021 for all residential aged care workers. This comes after the Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a commitment to all Australians that the COVID 19 vaccine would not be made mandatory.

All Australians deserve the right to have access to informed consent and freedom of choice when it comes to vaccinations and their own bodies including aged care workers. Currently all residents of aged care facilities have the right to choose to have a covid 19 vaccination or any other vaccine. No one can deny the vulnerability of those in aged care. Nor can it be denied that the COVID 19 vaccine is not yet proven and everyone accepting it is part of the worlds largest clinical vaccination trial. Which is exactly how our own health minister Mr Greg Hunt describes it.

Many aged care workers are concerned about the known and unknown health risks and long term side effects of the covid 19 vaccine. With good reason, serious adverse effects are occurring to people receiving these vaccinations, including death. Some staff have personal reasons such as pregnancy, religious beliefs, allergies and pre-exisiting conditions. Many are also experiencing harassment from colleagues to be vaccination at any cost.

As Australians, aged care workers deserve to have fundamental rights and should not be forced to make a decision to either accept the covid 19 vaccine or leave the profession. Forcing workers to make such decisions could negatively impact our already understaffed aged care community, causing increased staff shortages and losing the stability of long term, caring relationships. Our aged care workers and aged care residents deserve better.

Allowing the government to enforce vaccines in aged care workers, or even just one person, will enable the pathway for them to enforce it on everyone. The aged care workforce will just be the beginning. It is unconstitutional and unethical to mandate a vaccine that is still in the clinical trial stage. The Prime Minister must waive this mandatory sentence of a COVID vaccine for all our aged care professionals, this is not what a democratic, free society looks like.

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