Michael Simms: My response to Grant McArthur and the Herald Sun after writing this alarming story about me

Michael Simms: My response to Grant McArthur and the Herald Sun after writing this alarming story about me

By Michael Simms

My response to Grant McArthur and the Herald Sun after writing this alarming story about me.
1. Your heading “Anti-vaxxers attempting to infiltrate NDIS services through network of non-vaccinated support workers” – could not be further from the truth. We requested support workers who were already in the NDIS, and we requested participants who did not want the vaccine.
2. I’ve been in the disability sector for 16 years. It’s from parents in meetings that I first heard about vaccine injury. It is these parents I still support today. It’s these parents that now lead the “antivaxxer” movement. What I’m saying to you as you clearly don’t understand, is that a high majority or “antivaxxers” are this due to the fact of their child becoming disabled after receiving a vaccine. So no, we are not infiltrating the NDIS, we all in it already. We don’t want the vaccine, we don’t want our children to have it and we don’t want the staff to have it. Comprehend?
3. You state in your article “The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee does not currently recommended mandatory Covid vaccination for aged care and disability workers.” – so what exactly is your problem. You say it’s not mandatory yet you have a problem with unvaccinated workers and staff and think it’s “dangerous”  ‍♂️
4. “A spokeswoman for NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds said the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission had advised providers and their workers to ensure discussions about the COVID-19 vaccine with the people they support were based on accurate, factual and unbiased information.” – this is all I’ve ever done. A far cry from what any of you are doing. Are you telling your clients that it’s never been tested on the disabled? Are you telling them it’s never been tested on people taking the multitudes of different medications they are already taking? Are you telling them all the dangers of taking it? Of course you’re not. Linda Reynolds you’re a liar too.
5. “The science is clear, vaccinations save lives and no amount of fear, rumours and false information will change that.” – please show me that science. The science actually says it will lesson your symptoms but you can still pass it and catch it. What that means is your will now have staff who think they are fine, and aren’t, and it will be the vaccinated staff who will be infecting these most vulnerable people.
6. “In line with standard practice, whenever the agency becomes aware of fraudulent activity, it works with relevant authorities to investigate and resolve matters. This could include assistance from the Australian Federal Police, if required.” – nothing at all fraudulent here. Sounds like you are actually the real conspiracy theorist here lol I made a joke about being the first person to receiving a vaccine passport – your article says I was joking. And no it did not have any of my correct details on it and a real journalist would of spotted that fairly quickly

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