Mining Workers Saying No to the Needle

Mining Workers Saying No to the Needle

By 7NEWS Perth

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Rikki Cross
we fifo workers have literally towed the line for the rest of australia over the last almost two years , while you all stayed home in lockdowns we went to work , STAYED at work and sacrificed time with OUR loved ones , sometimes working away for more than 12 weeks at a time just to keep the economy afloat . We adhered to all the rules , most were stricter on site than they were in town , basically confined to our tiny rooms for the duration . Now we’re supposed to just lie down and take it ? And get a vaccine we don’t want and should have the freedom NOT TO GET so we can continue support everyone else and keep putting food on the table for our families . Sorry but I don’t want a coffee shop job or a job at woolies , call me crazy for wanting to continue working towards my dreams / financial goals and keep my job . But no , not happening.

Ryan Bunton
Satistics show being fully vaccinated you can still catch the virus and pass it on. So your reasons for protecting indigenous communities is illogical!

Imogen Catt Kimberley
Leave FIFO alone. no ones medical information should be anyones business and also everyone should have the right to choose what they put into their own body without being threatened to loose their lively hood. Can still spread it being fully vaxxed.

Elisa Jane Thomas
Victoria has recorded a 1420 new cases, 11 deaths
NSW reports 594 cases, ten deaths.
We in WA we have enjoyed freedom, normal life , we can go out, meet friends etc, our life is normal.
And yet here are people whinging ?
Keep your job
Get vaccinated
Plenty of people who are vaccinated would love your job. Remember everyone is replaceable!!

Emma-Jane Hicks
No jab no job for fifo hey? Well then No jab no Centrelink for the bludgers. Fair is fair.

Sean Low
Australia’s Constitution Section 51 23A, have a read people. State government mandate is not lawful.

Steven Leadbetter
Having the jab is the individuals choice – however the consequence is no site access. You can also choose not to wear a seat belt, drink & drive, speed and choose to do many other things that all come with consequences that the vast majority of the electorate agree with. Your choice.

Anne Rout
Guessing McGowan won’t be bragging about a surplus next budget if the miners walk off over this. It’s all about increasing the numbers for WA and absolutely nothing else.

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