Murry Hellekson interview who was diagnosed with GBS after his first shot

Murry Hellekson interview who was diagnosed with GBS after his first shot

By Sherry Strong

Today I interviewed Murry Hellekson who was diagnosed with GBS after his first shot. He’s 49 years old and was a fit, healthy and strong man.

The third doctor to see him asked pre-emptively if he had the AZ shot which he said yes so there are doctors who aren’t gaslighting their patients.

He says despite not having any fear about the actual virus he like many wanted to protect others, to travel, and because his work was saying it would be mandated. So he got it and his story link is in the comments.

Here’s what others had to say:

Shell Bell
When are these doctors going to stand up and start telling their patients not to get the jab or at least tell them about all the side effects and how many people are suffering them.

Todd Strong
Sad that people don’t know you can’t sue due to complications. Drug companies are immune.

Jesse Cannone
I have a dear friend whose daughter was paralyzed by GBS as well after a flu shot

Scott Hutchison
Some of these stories are paid for by P brand marketing dept. I hope he feels better. There will be more.

Erica Moore
And then what the vaccine producers and healthcare need to figure out is how this happens? What do these people have in common that put them at risk or what in the vaccine causes this.

Jenn Donovan
Thank you Sherry for posting his story. We really want all of this to come out and make people aware.

Susan Standfield
Well done Sherry this is really interesting what you’re doing. I’d be keen to help curate a photo exhibit.

Laara Jantzen
So sad. I don’t understand why people are so cavalier with their health. We only get one body and it is up to us to take care of it. Question everything!

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