Muzzled Doctor Speaks Out: ‘Travesty to Medical Science’


Muzzled Doctor Speaks Out: ‘Travesty to Medical Science’

By The Good Sauce

The Good Sauce has verified this doctor’s authenticity, and the fact he has to protect his identity from retribution by Australian authorities is just the first shame upon medical science. His testimony is sobering, and casts a pall on the credibility of “Government experts.”


Here’s what others had to say:

Clare Hopkins
Thank you for sharing your experiences which is just in 1 small town, and I’m sure mirrored around the world we need more medical professionals taking this brave stance of integrity. This is part of how we say – enough is enough!

Jeanne van Warmelo
Thank you for having courage to step forward and speak up

Glenda Parkinson
Thank you for sharing. We need more people coming out and speaking up.

Brittany Anderson
In this fight against weaponized medicine and tyranny … you can not be half way in… you have to be prepared to lose it all… Don’t be fooled..those in power know exactly , who you are and will come after you anyway…Revealing face and name ..may offer more protection…The AMA is a corrupt organization… that will have to be eventually disbanded… so if they suspend or take your license… take comfort in the fact that you did the right thing… and that the AMA, when their duplicity and complicity is revealed are going to have their authority permanently revoked…

Deb Andrews
Would love to see all health professionals chose a ‘truth day’ where they all speak out collectively.
The govn is not going to shut you all down as we would have no system left.
United we can beat them…..

Mary-Anne Potter
Totally brainwashed by govt and social media. Thank you for speaking out. Sorry for those who have lost their licences for doing the right thing and keeping their oath to do no harm.

Violeta Lee
The Dr’s and nurses walking away from the corrupt heath system should gather and open new Health Centres..

Margit Hennessey
Why most of doctors are quiet? I don’t need that answer- they’ll loose their license. I know that.
But you can’t silence 70-90% of doctors- if they would stand up altogether.
Who would loose then?

Leanne Jacobs
Thank you for standing up and being ethical….we need more medical professionals to do so

Anthony Sargent
Thank you for speaking out. I know some who went into hospital with myocarditis 1 week after the 1st Pfizer V. Was proscribed anti-inflammatories. In a Queensland hospital.
When they went to their GP to look at getting a exemption from the 2nd jab. Their hospital file had been charged to inconclusive possible anxiety?????
Looks like an attempt to hide injury numbers.

Joan Mason
Thank you for speaking out. We need more brave Drs to find their voice

Tracey Green
My son had his second pfizer Jab and suffered really bad headaches
His boss wanted him to go straight to wrk and told him to take pain killers I’ve never in his 30years seen him like this I didn’t no at the time the Jab could cause this he just took the first week off wrk and rested wow I feel terrible that I didn’t look into this more ….I’m so blessed so far his still healthy fit and ok but not a night goes by where I can’t sleep good cause I’m worried sick that my two children have had pfizer due to being front line workers…..I dnt care how old my kids get ill always worrie about there safety more so then ever now….it’s bloody scary that our governments are puppets to these billionaires and not our safety it’s discusting on all levels and makes me sick …..

Raelene Baker
How can doctors and nurses life day to day knowing what they are doing.
I stand up to every doctor, nurse, ambulance drivers, and everyone else out there that that given up there jobs and walked out as they are our true heroes.
Nurses that worked right through last year’s covid outbreak, with no breaks working 24 hours and giving everything that had to care for us Aussie’s.
Only to be last year’s Hero’s, to now out of work.
Because they do not want a trial drug put in there arm.
I salute every single person that have given lost jobs, homes, families, friends, lives, I salute every single one of you guys.
Thanks for holding the line.
If everyone said NO from the start, we wouldn’t be in this horrible situation now…
Guys just say no.. No more jabs, boosters…

Rose Wood
Is that why friends and relatives were not allowed to visit patients in hospitals care facilities cause they might question things cause clearly it did not stop spread as many people caught virus whilst in there care

Carol Chalk
We need our drs to start speaking the truth…. They are constantly lying to us in our consultations! How can we place any trust in them going forward?

Floyd Rhinebolt
The governments don’t care about the people. They like the power.

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