NSW Premier Keeps Changing the Goal Posts Given to Her by the Globalists

NSW Premier Keeps Changing the Goal Posts Given to Her by the Globalists 

By Australian National Review

NSW Premier keeps changing the goal posts given to her by the Globalists – even zero cases will equal lockdowns forever. The article below appeared on SkyNews recently.

The New South Wales Premier has said as long as Delta is in the midst of society there will be restrictions regardless of the vaccination rates and case numbers.

Gladys Berejiklian made the damning statement at Monday’s COVID-19 update where she announced the state recorded a “disturbingly high” 478 cases overnight as well as seven deaths.

The premier has previously aimed for vaccination rates of 70 and 80 per cent before relaxing restrictions.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said even with 80 per cent vaccination rates restrictions could still remain in place. Picture: Mick Tsikas-Pool/Getty Images

On Monday doubts were cast over what freedoms residents would actually have once vaccination rates reached those targets.

“Even if you get to 80% double doses, if the case numbers are very high, it does limit what you can do,” she told reporters.

Ms Berejikilian said while the Delta variant is active in the community there would be restrictions on what people can do regardless of vaccination rates.

“We will need to live with restrictions so long as Delta is around,” she said.

“So long as Delta has presence in the world, even if we had zero cases and we were at 80% double dose, you would still have to respect rules that exist around vaccinations, around social distancing, around mask-wearing.

“So long as Delta and deadly COVID is around, we will always need to live with a measure of restriction.”

NED-4090-Greater-Sydney-Restrictions-map - 0

The highly infectious Delta variant of COVID-19 is the cause of the current statewide lockdown.

“The Delta strain has an infectiousness to it like we have never seen before,” Ms Berejiklian warned.

“We have seen similar populations to New South Wales around the world have thousands and thousands of cases reported every day.”

The premier reiterated the importance of the vaccine to ensure the state’s safety and freedom.

“Our aim, as it has always been in the pandemic, is to keep people out of hospital, keep people alive and safe but make sure that we can live as freely as possible and the chance we have to do that is with the higher vaccination rates,” Ms Berejiklian said.

The entire state was plunged into lockdown at 5pm on Saturday as the Delta variant spread into rural areas including Tamworth, Armidale and Dubbo.

Greater Sydney is scheduled to exit lockdown at the end of August however after the premier’s comments on Monday it is clear at least some restrictions will remain if the lockdown is not extended.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/health/nsw-premier-keeps-changing-the-goal-posts-given-to-her-by-the-globalists/

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