Nurse Says Hospitals Are Full of Adverse Vax Reactions

Nurse Says Hospitals Are Full of Adverse Vax Reactions

By Supermot34

Melbourne Protest: Many nurses are saying the same thing. Hospitals and ambulances are getting overwhelmed worldwide.


Here’s what others had to say:

Friends fit & healthy athletic son, diagnosed with Pericarditis
2 days post 💉💉💉
Need more Nurses speaking up

Norman Hilbus
From what I am finding out when I go to different hospitals and talk to different people it’s the vaccinated people that is flooding the hospitals not the unvaccinated.

Natasha M
And this is why they are no longer giving the statistics on how many people in hospital have been jabbed.

Peter Caruana
💯 true, I am one of those people. Still recovering after 3 weeks first vaccine

The Road to Nuremberg 2.0
People need to pull their heads out of their backsides. I hear ambulances all day and its pretty obvious what’s going on.

Monkey mania
Thank you for sharing, I hope this message reaches millions of peace.

Melissa Thompson
Saw today that Germany is saying Moderns not recommended for those under 30

Ah, yes listen to the chick wearing speed dealer sunglasses because she is wearing a laminated badge and a stethoscope.

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