Nurse Whistleblower Drops Truth Bombs

Nurse Whistleblower Drops Truth Bombs

By Australian National Review

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No Pussy Footing Around
I know you’re very brave to do this because I know a lot of the nurses are keeping a cap on it because they don’t they’re afraid but is all have to get together and use all have to have one voice and bring it thank you to meet your hero

The Banksters Want Global BioSurveillance
How are we going to replace all these healthcare workers? Society cannot afford to lose them. Bankers are disposable, not nurses. My blood boils at this atrocity.

I admire this young lady so much ❤

Thank you to the nurse. You are a true hero

GamePR0grammer (Jason Adcock)
Why do you think medical people are leaving their jobs because they don’t want the vax? Because they have seen things happening in the field that they ate not ok with. Here is a perfect example…

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