Nurse Whistleblower: FEMA in Our Hospital, Collapse Imminent

Nurse Whistleblower: FEMA in Our Hospital, Collapse Imminent

By Australian National Review


When this whole coronavirus crisis first started more than a year and a half ago, we were told that major shutdowns were needed to protect our medical system from collapse. We were fed reports of overwhelmed hospitals in Wuhan and Italy and told that if we didn’t lock ourselves indoors for weeks on end, we’d see the same crush here. We sent a hospital ship to New York Harbor. We canceled all other non-emergency medical procedures, procedures that caused people to delay important operations and miss cancer screenings. We did everything we could to prepare our hospitals for a flood of patients, a flood that in the end, never actually came.

But apparently, our leaders are sad that the collapse never happened. Because now, they’re determined to do themselves what Covid never did. In New York, hospitals have massive staffing shortages after vaccine mandates caused thousands of workers to quit or be fired. It’s so bad right now that the Iroquois Healthcare Alliance, a network of more than 50 upstate New York hospitals, is begging the government to delay minimum staffing requirements; they can’t even find enough employees to hit the bare minimum. In Los Angeles, thousands of people just protested against the city’s vaccine mandate that hits on December 18. If L.A. insists on the mandate, they won’t just have a shortage of health care workers, but also firefighters and police. All this, to force people to get a shot that doesn’t work, and for many people appears to be actively harmful or deadly.

Chelsea Walls is a registered nurse. She says that fifty nurses at her hospital have been fired for refusing the vaccine. She says that all medical and religious exemptions are being rejected, despite a severe nursing shortage right now. Chelsea says that no matter what our leaders say, a massive medical crisis is coming, fast, and it’s all being manufactured from up top by these tyrannical vaccine mandates.

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