One in 10 Cov 19 Patients in UK Caught Virus in Hospital

One in 10 Cov 19 Patients in UK Caught Virus in Hospital

By New Zealand Times

Forget the vaccine.

Forget Covid.

Can you really tell me that you think living in a segregated society is a step forward for humanity?

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

Have we really learnt so little from the past?

I’m struggling to understand how anybody at all thinks this is a good move for freedom and democracy.

Just a snippet of news articles I came across today.

And people are like “yassssssss let the unvaccinated dieeeeee horrible painful deathssssss”

Really guys? Really.

“If you don’t get the vaccine and catch Covid you should be denied a hospital bed” …..

By that logic…. if you get the vaccine and suffer an adverse effect should you also be denied medical help too?

It’s insanity.

We don’t tell obese people who have a heart attack, sorry no help for you… you knew if you didn’t eat healthy you were at risk of cardio problems… it’s on you.

We don’t tell people who smoke and need treatment for lung cancer… sorry, didn’t you see the little picture on the packet? Can’t help you buddy.

Get in a car and drive; get into a collision… sorry, you knew the risk when you got behind the wheel today. Can’t waste a precious hospital bed on you.

What is going on with humanity.


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