‘One Thing You Won’t Get in Cov Press Conferences Is Truth’: Alan Jones

‘One Thing You Won’t Get in Cov Press Conferences Is Truth’: Alan Jones

By Sky News Australia


Here’s what others had to say:

Rachael Spencer
They will be on the wrong side of history Alan Jones . They have painted themselves into a corner now, the public are so scared of the virus, any sensible talk is out the window. The media should be quoting these experts you have mentioned and puttin… See more

Melissa Clare
They share tissues right in front of you but people still call for more restrictions. It’s a clown show

Mick Harley
Allan Jones for Prime Minister of Australia
Scott Morrison (ScoMo) time to resign

Christopher Daly
Sad to see Alan Jones attacking women again. Is it really still the 1950s?

Julie Egan
Can we send out the military to arrest her for crimes on humanity they all have to go dopes

Jan Simpson
Too many gov (who think they are gods) are doing this over the world. We are still under emergency powers here. I’d it wasn’t because we need tourism to survive, we would still be in permanent lockdown

Georgette Rabie
You’re right Alan.. absolutely disgusting tactics used !!

Original Source: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=843392386289468

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