Operation Covaid Shield Ageing Well Here – 6 Months Ago

Operation Covaid Shield Ageing Well Here – 6 Months Ago

By Dave Oneegs Aussie Chat


Remember this creepy dingaling?

Did you know they have not even declared NSW a state of emergency lol
But for the invisible boogieman they managed to muster all resources and set up operation COVAID SHIELD??
And remember when the cops had countless choppers telling people to stop playing in parks and unlimited resources to enforce the “public health orders”.

But right now we have millions displaced, and lots of sick, injured and dead…
and we have filthy water filled with rotting carcasses that is already making people really sick…
and there’s bugger all help!

Where was the army, police, and AFP on the weekend?
Well lots of them were celebrating their pride at Mardi Gras weren’t they.

This world has gone mad.
Completely and utterly insane.

The good news is that the good folks in this world are shining like stars in a dark and blackened sky.

Original source: https://t.me/daveoneegschat/10003

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