Palmer Said What?????? | Gladys Berejiklian

Palmer Said What?????? | Gladys Berejiklian

By Joel Jammal

Here’s what others had to say:

Ralphie Sunset
The Babbling Journalist obviously receives his wages from Murdoch & Soros, was trying to score points for the Globalists, Well done Clive, refreshing to listen to.

Carolyn Moreno
Journalist is very rude and stupid. We are awake. We don’t fall for fake news any more. Good on you Clive!!! ❤️????

What a pathetic journalist – he can’t even organise his own thoughts, he just rabbits on rapid-firing questions without any ability to stop and listen

Nat Talarico
The so called rude journalist is nothing more than a MSM- MAIN STREAM MANURE peddler or as President Trump would say a FAKE NEWS Manure spreader. On you Clive. ?

Alhama Chidiac
What a very rude journalist that keeps interrupting Clive. Does he work for Gladys ?? ??

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