People Die “With” COV Not “Because” of It!

People Die “With” COV Not “Because” of It!

By David Hunt

Yesterday I watched that shy man McAnulty admit what anyone with a brain has realised: People die “with” Covid not “because” of it.

And Delta variant clearly has a very low kill rate versus the Original Wuhan Virus.

They die with underlying conditions, and Covid makes those worse.

Gladys and Daniel have been lying now for some 18 months,

Daniel’s agenda is winning,

When are they going to confess they really are oppressors and need to resign.

I understand they will collect lots of back payments from the Pathology Labs and maybe the Vaccine companies (US$50c of each stab goes to the CDC). But I really don’t care, as long as they cut out the lying.

They had fun, they ruined lives – they stole nearly 2 years but Delta is nowhere as deadly as both Liberal and Labor are making out.

What am I missing?

Here’s what others had to say:

Auke Schade
I had a horrible experience with a nose swab last week. They could not get the stick out. It took two hours in surgery and five days in intensive care. I am still recuperating. I only forgot to take my facemask off.

Mark Carrington
We no longer have government. We have rule.

Lor Loewen
Get sick and go to ICU…or better yet, watch someone you love do that.
Then you’ll know.
Then you get it.

Victoria Jennings
Check out the severe adverse affects of this and deaths – everyone signed a form that says they can’t speak out about it.
But look up VAERS and DAEN databases where it’s all recorded. The numbers are frightening.

Rob Fletcher
The TGA dismiss Vaccine injury and deaths as just the plight of old people, but when it comes to a Delta or (Alpha strain Covid has completely gone and that’s the one the Vax was made for) strain it’s a matter of most urgency that old people are falling sick and dying.
This is all theatre for taking away our livelihoods and freedoms.

Andrew Dale
This is co-morbidity … nothing new here, except if you want to experience what many Covid patients feel, go down to a circus, and get an elephant to sit on your chest.

David John Nunn
Not many people have a circus within 5k’s.

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