People Who Could Help Break the Mass Formation Psychosis That the Vaxxines Are “Safe and Effective”


People Who Could Help Break the Mass Formation Psychosis That the Vaxxines Are “Safe and Effective”

By Steve Kirsch

No single person on this list can single-handedly “break” the mass formation psychosis. This is just a list of people who can “move the needle” if they speak out and let people know that they haven’t been told the truth about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. Some of the people on my list are more likely than others to speak out.

Highly likely

  1. Over 10,000 healthcare professionals signing a petition calling for an end to both mask and vaccinate mandates and asymptomatic testing for all. The “emergency” is over as Dr. Harvey Risch eloquently stated in this op-ed.
  2. More and more prominent people calling for end to vaccine and mask mandates like Scott Gottleib did on Jan 24, 2022.
  3. More and more people who are willing to watch the Johnson panel on Jan 24, 2022 (it was 500,000 views on the day of the panel) or watch Defeat the Mandate rally speakers on Jan 23 to be educated on the truth.
  4. More and more people who are willing to sit down for a couple of hours with a doctor to learn the truth. We’ll record these “de-programming” sessions and make them available for others to see. No psychological manipulation is needed: just people willing to listen and ask questions. A very prominent philanthropist was “red pilled” by one of our doctors in just a single 2 hour Q&A session.


  1. A group of over 10,000 mainstream doctors could sign a statement calling for a halt to the vaccines for everyone. By speaking out as a large group like this, they can avoid the intimidation tactics that are used to silence them when they attempt to speak out individually.
  2. A professional sports team (NFL, NBA, …) could agree to hear from our doctors to hear “the other side of the story” on the booster.
  3. Famous people who refuse to be vaccinated could end their silence and start spreading the truth about the dangers of the vaccine.
  4. Prominent vaccine injured such as Celine Dion could start speaking the truth about what happened to them.


  1. A fact-checking organization could challenge Governor Newsom to publicly authorize all his physicians to disclose his medical records ONLY with respect to the GBS he developed after his booster. If in fact Newsom is telling the truth, has has nothing to lose. He will not do this. He will never do this. And no fact-checker wants to know the truth so won’t challenge him to do this simple act.
  2. Jennifer Newsom could admit that her husband is lying about his GBS. She could save countless lives by doing that.
  3. The NY Times or 60 Minutes could do a story exposing how dangerous the vaccines are.
  4. The 270 “physicians and scientists” who claimed that Robert Malone was spreading misinformation could agree to challenge his statements in a debate. I issued an open letter inviting them to do so. Nobody responded. If they want to stop the misinformation, why not accept a debate?
  5. Dr. John Su could admit that he never calculated the VAERS under-reporting factor (URF) and that he deliberately never mentioned it when he talked about VAERS event rates to the outside CDC committees.
  6. Mainstream doctors could agree to debate the “spreaders of misinformation.”

Zero probability

  1. CNN could start being journalists and present to their listeners BOTH sides of the story. Why do you never see Paul Marik, Pierre Kory, Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, and others on CNN?
  2. President Joe Biden could admit that his peripheral neuropathy (PN) that developed shortly after his booster was more likely than not due to the booster. PN is a very common COVID vaccine injury.
  3. Governor Newsom could admit the truth: that he developed GBS shortly after his booster.
  4. One of the pilots who died after vaccination was scheduled to fly a plane just a few days after he died. The airline knows his autopsy showed he was killed by the vaccine. Today, the airline won’t admit that they lied to the public about his cause of death (they said it wasn’t vaccine related). His family won’t speak out because they are afraid of being attacked.
  5. Mainstream doctors could admit that when there is risk, there must be choice. The vaccines carry risk. Therefore, mandates are unjustified.


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