Prominent Critic of COV-19 Vaxxines Sentenced to Prison


Prominent Critic of COV-19 Vaxxines Sentenced to Prison


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Kat G.
Interesting that Dr Gold was sentenced- has anyone else that was there that day also sentenced or is she being made an example? Dr Gold has done a lot of good for patients and has saved lives – what good has The Clinton’s, Obama’s, Soros, pelosi, schumer, Joey biden or the Dimmie party done for this Nation? GOD BLESS DR GOLD.

Steve Mclaughlin
Now this is a political prisoner! We need to clean up our election process so we can actually have an election vote and not a selection. Then we’ll see who’s going to prison.

D m
Bring back capital punishment for cop killers, rapist, pedophiles, and lying politicians!

Who is the editor of USA Today? Why are they not held accountable for not verifying their reporting? That is literally their job.

Paula S
I am also a critic of Covid 19 vaccines, because I believe I almost lost my life from the 2nd shot..

Elisheva Jones
I just returned from visiting Philadelphia. It was horrible. So dangerous that I didn’t even go outside except to take a taxi to the airport.

tradin tdon
All we wanted was to let AZ objections go into conference on alternate Electors!!!

Tally Beaverman
She saved many lives by stand up for the truth, she saved my life!. Now they want her in prison? Why not put the Santanic liars in DC in prison?

60 days? They also made her say those words of regret as a condition of her sentencing. Evil. Pure evil. That lady did nothing wrong by protesting and entering our building!!

Seriously… I can’t stop laughing !
Look at the people sitting in the back , behind that guy who is talking… or trying to talk but he has to read what they wrote first.. so he’s having just a tad bit of a struggle since he has no clue WTH he’s reading.

60 days in prison? A prison sentence is 365 days or more. Anything less is a jail sentence. It sounds like she was convicted of a misdemeanor. I hope this doesn’t have a negative impact on her medical license.

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