QLD Police Crackdown on Issuing of Vaxxine Exemptions

QLD Police Crackdown on Issuing of Vaxxine Exemptions

By Gold Coast Review

Police are addressing media after yesterday’s arrest of a Gold Coast woman who allegedly pretended to be a health practitioner and issued fake COVID-19 medical ‘exemption certificates’.

Here’s what others had to say:

Simone Pillay
prosecuting someone for giving medical advice, when it’s not their place, then immediately proceeds to give medical advice to everyone and claims the vaccine WILL protect them! Is he a doctor now? breaking the very same laws that she has. This is the police in Australia. God save us all

Patricia O’Brien
When are you going to let us residents back home got the vaccinated first one daughter second one tomorrow we just need to get home back to work stuck in Canberra for last 2months waiting to get back come on government let us back home.

Carol Watts
B……… conspiracy sheeple, hope they throw the book at her. Aways someone looking to profit from disasters.

John O’Malley
So happy we have had a few good days of rainfall , whats he on about

Gregory Brown
And all those 600+ delusional fools paid $150 for a fake piece of paper that means nothing and if were aware also face charges. Clearly you don’t have to be very smart!

Matty McCollough
All those free maskless people, the fake media will be very upset noone caught it or died.

Rosie OBrien
Not a GC woman, she’s from Darling Heights in Toowoomba

Original Source: https://goldcoastreview.com/health/qld-police-crackdown-on-issuing-of-vaxxine-exemptions/

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