QLD Premier Admits Large Internment Camps Are Being Built for the Unvaxxed

QLD Premier Admits Large Internment Camps Are Being Built for the Unvaxxed

By Sydney National Review


Here’s what others had to say: 

So sorry they took your guns…

“Last chance to get vaccinated?”
“Internment camps for the unvaccinated?”
Really? What does that mean? Can someone please translate this from Fascist talk into Australian lingo?
This piece of palaszchook sht is burning a nasty hole in the fabric of Australian society. It needs to go back to its pen.

Gabriele Gaven
To All of you dear People great report from the Aussie Cosack Cheers Gabriele Gaven

Note a group of Doctors in US claim 200 members of congress have taken saline jabs in lieu of vax and are taking ivermectin, IS this happening in Australia, a good way to check would be for Feds to pass a bill that ALL health officials, politicians, pro vax journalists and public servants have a test run by an independent auditor to prove they have in fact had the real thing, my money is on them being caught out, could start a big conflict. I am NOT an anti vaxxer, just waiting for Professor Petrovski’s safe Australian jab to be approved by TGA

Somebody is going to have to put the image of these concentration camps on a fridge magnet. Great reminder for Aussies who think that if they get injected with a bio-weapon and boostered with it every six months (for the ever shortening term of their natural life), then the government will ‘give back’ our freedoms.
The Australians will have to take our freedoms back. Hold the line against the vaxx.

Steven Ferguson
So now this creature is openly threatening the Australian people with camps, just like the Nazi,s did to the Jews? Is she serious, and how would this be possible? Furthermore, what can be done to prevent this happening? If this does not open the eyes of the population then what the hell will?

Crime against Humanity – premier needs to be gaoled

John van ruth
What about the children Premier? Are they going to the concentration camps with their parents or will they get disappeared in some satanic ritual?

Crimes against Humanity and Treason against the population of this great Nation – you SERVCE THEM!!

Original Source: https://www.sydneynationalreview.com/health/qld-premier-admits-large-internment-camps-are-being-built-for-the-unvaxxed/

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