Qld’s Capricorn Coast Says No to Labor’s Vaxxine Mandates


Qld’s Capricorn Coast Says No to Labor’s Vaxxine Mandates

By Pellowe Talk

TODAY the Livingstone Shire Council, located nearly 8 hours drive North of Brisbane, voted to become “pro choice” by rejecting government advice to medically discriminate between who they serve and employ in local businesses.

The Council gathered in an extraordinary council meeting with the sole purpose of sending a message to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk following a passionate meeting attended by over 500 people, a majority of whom were local business owners.

The Shire has achieved a remarkable demonstration of unity and mateship in the face of divisive fear-mongering by the Government. This movement was sparked by a handful of concerned locals who wanted to know what others thought, and got the ball rolling.

Their story in this video can inspire and encourage business owners in every city and shire around our beloved Australia.

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Here’s what others had to say:

So many intelligent people in one town, congratulations.

Maria W
If only I can like this 100 times over, this is fabulous. Congratulations for getting together and stopping it in your council. If only all councils would support their community. Well done

good job! I cant believe there is a whole town in Australia that hasnt gone completely mad… when can I move there??!

Tha One
Pauline Hanson ur a Legend. Keep up the good work people.

Brian Anderson
A lot of free thinkers an freedom of
choice will be moving to Yeppoon.

Tha One
Keep up the fight Queenslanders, people here in Melbourne are dropping like flies from the vaxx.

4 Elements Productions
So proud of you ladies and a big thank you for standing up and spreading the light that people need. X GO YEPPOON! ?

Kathy Ran
Good! Thank you. Glad to see that not everybody has lost their ability for critical thinking and common (not so common actually, rare?) sense. If you drill down into this, nothing actually makes any sense.

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIDHLEom5C4

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